What began as a personal journey to collect and document moments of my life slowly turned into this here blog, Designed to Love. Here you'll find bits of faith and design, snippets of life, and recipes that literally anyone can make (seriously - I don't cook). 

Through college, I was a full time student and a part time blogger. In between all of the jobs and classes and late night essays, blogging was my favorite outlet to release some of my creative energy. Now, over seven years later, I am still in the classroom - but now as a teacher by day and a grad student by night. And blogging here is still one of my favorite things.

Most recently, I've launched my Designed to Love shop. It's been so exciting to see some of the doodles and sayings I've been throwing around for years, spring to life on the bags and t-shirts you can find here

Want to say hi? Think we'd made a good team? I'd love to hear from you!
You can contact me by emailing me: alynneleigh@designedtoloveblog.com