Why Being Unique Is The Real Secret To Stand Out Style

Big, bold style choices are at the heart of fashion. Making an edited selection, becoming braver with your style and using your clothing to make a statement are all part of your style journey. Sometimes we see carefully styled celebrities or eye catching influencers and feel like it all comes so naturally to everyone else but us. The truth is that style is always evolving and we are always learning more about who we are. Even the most on-point among us have to keep working at it. The secret doesn’t lie in slavishly following trends or copying something you’ve seen on social media. The real key to creating a head-turning look is all about knowing who you are, and putting your own unique slant on the things that you love. After all, when what you wear reflects who you really are, that’s when you start to feel confident. So, how do you crack the code and begin to understand how to translate your personality into what you wear?
Start With An Inspiration
The style choices you make need to be yours - but first of all, you need to discover what you really respond to when it comes to forming an aesthetic. And this can be done by actively seeking inspiration and curating your vision of what looks good. Set aside a little time to discover what you really like - not what other people have told you over the years. Note down the names of some people whose style you’ve always admired and head over to Google Images to pin down the outfits of theirs that have really spoken to you. Try not to pull everything from one person - you want a mix of different style influences to give you a compass. Pinterest outfit boards can be a really useful tool for pulling everything together in one place and helping you see what elements stand out. Start with two or three inspiring figures, and add in images from magazines, blogs and clothing websites. Once your vision board is looking full, go through it and note down the common elements. Do you see lots of tailoring? A riot of bright colour? Are there silhouettes, garment combinations, color palettes or particular items which crop up several times? Pull these out into a list, and you have the basis of what your personal style looks like. You should also consider your lifestyle - what occasions do you need clothes for on a regular basis? What body shape do you have and which clothes work for that? What colors compliment your hair, eyes and skin tone? Bringing all these pieces of information together makes your ideal combination. 
Get Fresh With Your Garments
Armed with your list, it's time to take a closer look at how the elements it contains join up with your current wardrobe. Being true to your unique style is as much about what you don’t wear as what you do! Use the opportunity to review what you already own. Are there pieces on your list that you already have in your stash? Everything which doesn’t conform to your style can be resold on eBay or Depop or donated to charity. Be ruthless - you never need as many clothes as you think you do, and editing what you have available is a huge leap towards looking like you want to. A good clear out gives you space to breathe and lets you reimagine what is possible with the items you have. 
Get Smart On Shopping For Details
Doing your wardrobe clearout shows you where the gaps are, items that you need to buy to complete your look. Aim to buy less and better quality - a signature style is all about classics that you love and re-wear. Better cost per wear, and better for the planet! Buying quality doesn’t always have to mean going over budget - if you’re clever about it, there are ways to get the look for less without compromising on the finish. Look for retailers who offer designer brands at reasonable prices - you could pick up that perfect handbag at TK Maxx or find those killer frames at www.eyeglasses.com. These details really make a look and are worth investing in - but that doesn’t mean you can’t get a good deal on them. Sign up for newsletters and sale notifications at your favourite retailers, and instead of rushing out and grabbing some fast fashion, aim to save up for those great items - the perfect leather ankle boots, perfect wool winter coat or silk blouse. Or think about buying accessories pre-loved to get that item that might be slightly outside of your reach otherwise. When you’ve put the work into understanding what really complements you and what style you love, you know you’re not making an expensive mistake so you can afford to take your time and get it right. 

Wear With Confidence

You now have all the tools to create a unique style that suits you. But there’s still one thing you need to bring it all together, and that’s confidence. The process of finding your style and putting all the legwork in means you have a look that suits you and that presents you to the world the way you want to be seen. Don’t get hung up on things like dress size - it's more important to know you look great and you have a style all your own. There’s a difference between embracing who you are and making the best of your natural assets through styling. It’s true that the force of your personality is something people really notice about you - if you stand tall and give a smile, it makes just as much of an impact as any physical feature. Confidence can make anything look good. And when your style becomes a tool to give you confidence, that’s when you’re truly winning.

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