Winter Is Coming... early!!

It's no secret that I'm a little cold weather obsessed. Don't get me wrong; I love the flexibility and sunshine of summer. But, there's just something about the chilly weather, possibility of snow, and all the peppermint that makes me so excited for the season.

When Maple Holistics sent me some of their Winter Blend Shampoo to try, I was so excited to get a little taste of wintertime, early! This shampoo smells amazing. At the risk of sounding silly, it makes me feel like I'm swimming through a sea of delicious peppermint, when I wash my hair. I know, I know. But seriously, so good!! 

The only part of winter that always seems to get me down, is how the dry weather impacts my hair; making it dry, static, or lifeless. But, this year, I'm excited to try some of the DIY Oil Hair Masks from the Maple Holistic blog!

Since coloring my hair, last year, it's been such a long road to get back to my natural blonde color. With that being said, I'm always on the look out for shampoo and hair care products that are suitable for color treated hair. And on this front, Maple Holistics definitely delivers. Their Winter Blend shampoo is sulfate and paraben free, which is perfect for my color treated hair! 

If you're looking for an early taste of winter, check out the Winter Blend Shampoo, by Maple Holistis!

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