Killer Ways to Boost Your Self Confidence

Confidence is a highly coveted, yet often elusive feeling. Everyone is beautiful in their own way, by unless you have self-confidence, it’s impossible to believe that about yourself. By creating an impossible standard of beauty, the media has made this much worse. Magazines tell us that our bellies should be flat, our booties round, our hips curvy, and our thighs thin, despite most people not being built that way. If you’re struggling with your confidence, here are six things you can do. 

Take Care Of Yourself
Feeling your best is difficult when you’re sick and exhausted. By getting plenty of sleep and eating nutritious foods, you will fuel your body, making it strong and powerful. Exercise is also highly beneficial, as it triggers the release of chemicals, which fight feelings of stress and improve mood. To maintain glowing skin, stick to a skincare routine, and drink lots of water. 

Hold That Head High
Good posture is the hallmark sign of confidence, making you appear sure of yourself even if you don’t feel it. That being said, research has shown that standing tall and straight will help you to feel more confident too. When you walk around as if you’re angry or stressed, with your shoulders slouched and body hunched over, you make it easier to think negative thoughts. 

Wear A Happy Smile
Just like standing tall can trick your mind, smiling does too. Regardless of your mood, wearing a happy grin will make you feel happier overall. The trouble is, many people avoid smiling as they’re embarrassed by their teeth. If this sounds familiar, contact a cosmetic dentist, like Walden Dental. Whether you want crowns or an entire smile makeover, you should do what you need to. 

Switch Up Your Look
Disliking the way you look doesn’t necessarily mean that you look bad. More often than not, the issue lies with boredom. If you’ve had the same look for quite some time, then you should try making a few changes. Whether you pick a different hairstyle or buy a new outfit, you’ll see the benefits right away. Even small changes, like a new bag or pair of shoes, can make a difference. 

Pick The Right Friends
Even on the days you feel confident, a single negative comment can bring you down. This is why you must surround yourself with positive people. While you can’t pick your family or your work colleagues, you can choose your friends. It doesn’t matter how long you’ve known somebody; if they have a habit of making you feel bad about yourself, then you should cut them out of your life.

Be Kind To Others
As important as it is to be kind to yourself, it benefits you just as much to help other people. When you do a good deed, whether it be volunteering at an animal shelter or holding a door open for a stranger, it will give you a feeling of self-worth. You’ll instantly feel better about yourself, which will help you to become a more confident person. 

If you’re struggling with your self-confidence, try following the tips above. 

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