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There is nothing more frustrating than your printer running out of ink when you are in the middle of making a craft! This is especially the case when you know you are going to have to go and spend a decent chunk of money in order to refill it again. Printer ink is one of those products which just seems to be expensive no matter what.

Since printers came onto the scene, cartridges are something that have always seemed to be pricey. This can be a big issue, especially for those who are using their printer on a daily basis – like me! It seems like the ink runs out in practically no time (which is why I, admittedly use the work printer a little more often than I should!). However, the good news is that there is a viable solution to this problem, and that is to recycle your ink cartridges once they have run out through the refilling process!

A lot of people are actually surprised to learn that they can refill their ink cartridges. Then there are those that have heard about doing it, but have assumed that it is damaging to the printer and don’t do it. This is definitely not the case. In fact, there are a lot of printer companies around the country who will refill your cartridges for you, whether you have Canon ink cartridges or any other brand. This is something you can do yourself as well. There are plenty of guides on the Internet providing you with steps on how to manage this McGuivere task. Nonetheless, if you don’t feel confident, then merely pop into your nearest printer shop – and they will be more than happy to do it for you.

Nevertheless, it is worth bearing in mind that you cannot just buy one ink cartridge and keep refilling it for the rest of your life. If only it was that simple! There is no set number when it comes to how many times you can refill your ink cartridges. This is something you need to look out for yourself by assessing the quality of the cartridge every time you go to refill. However, most professionals will state that you will get at least four to five refills from your cartridge. Just imagine how much money you will save by going down this route. Compared to the amount you spend now you will be able to reduce the money you spend on ink cartridges by a whopping 80 per cent. After all, a refill won’t cost you hardly anything at all, it is the cartridges themselves which prove to be the expensive component in all of this.

It is also worth bearing in mind the fact that by refilling your ink cartridges you are also doing your bit for the environment because you are recycling as well. Instead of every cartridge contributing to landfill pollution and alike whenever it is used, it will actually be used again and again. This can only be a good thing, especially in a day and age whereby there is so much emphasis placed on protecting our precious planet.

Next time you find yourself running low on precious ink, consider the possibility of refilling and recycling your cartridges!

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