Winter Glam

One of my favorite things about the change of seasons is getting to dabble in different parts of my closet. Spring brings in willies, raincoats and floral pants. Summer has me dreaming about crop tops and shorts, with a flouncy hat or light cardigans, while we soak up the sun and enjoy the beach. Autumn has us in warm colors and even warmer sweaters. And then Winter comes. I don’t know about you, but I tend to bundle up in hats and scarves, with novelty jumpers for the Christmas season, and don’t tend to think too much about my style, under all of the layers! 

This season, I’m trying to harness my inner festivity by embracing a few new ideas. Using Pinterest along the way, for inspiration – am I right?!

Some of the things I’m considering this year:

Get Some Light Jewelry

Thinking light, I mean jewelry that isn’t dark or heavy in color, such as gold, silver, yellow, pale blue, greens, reds, and even some translucent pieces. Something with a bit of diamond sparkle in it is the perfect addition to bring some festive cheer to your style- be sure to check out vvs diamonds for some sparkly inspiration.

My favorite part about Winter is the festive cheer. (Did I mention I’ve been blaring holiday tunes since before Halloween?) So anyway, adding jewelry with a bit of festive sparkle is one way to bring some holiday cheer to your daily style. 

Wear Some Metallic Colors

Metallic colors are so inspiring to me, this season! I think they’re perfect for the clothes we wear during winter, considering they seem to reflect the pale and white colors all around us during this season. And metallic colors, such as grey and silver, come in abundance in the jumpers, leggings, jeans, and overcoats we tend to buy for this freezing season. 

I’ve even found some fancy metallic blues and browns, which are great casual pieces to head to work in and not be overwhelming in terms of reflectivity. And have you seen those awesome metallic shoes out there on the market?! I think they would be a snazzy addition to a pair of bright blue jeans for dress down Friday. 

Get the Flannel On

LITERALLY my favorite thing about the chilly season, warm flannel is something that I cannot wait want to deck myself out in it for the upcoming season. Flannel shirts are usually oversized by nature, and they can be easily tucked into bottoms – which is perfect for being all wrapped up warm on those cold and rainy days. And this is the perfect time to find the perfect flannel shirts, because I feel like they’re everywhere, lately!  

Throughout the Winter chill, I’m hoping that adding some winter glam to my closet doesn't need to take too much time or effort. With this inspiration, I’m hoping to craft the perfect seasonal wardrobe (sans ugly Christmas sweaters and bright red snowman patterned leggigns!). Wish me luck!

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