Taking Stock // November (003)

No lengthy posts today. Just blankets, and dogs, and Christmas Trees.

Making: fluffy blankets and hand-stitched t-shirts. Who knew I was secretly 80?
Cooking: a duck, this week. I'm determined. 
Drinking: sparkling tea - again. 
Reading: the latest holiday issue of Magnolia. 
Wanting: more unexpected snow days, strictly for lounging and sipping coffee. Not for anything productive. 
Looking: forward to next May, when school will be over and you can call me doctor. 
Playing: Christmas music, on repeat.  
Wasting: food. I just cleaned out my fridge. It's shameful. 
Sewing: Nope.  
Wishing: for more weekends. 
Enjoying: peace and calm. 
Waiting: until the last minute to do much of anything, lately. 
Liking: Meyer's seasonal scents (like orange clove and iowa pine. I might have a problem!)
Wondering: what to have for dinner. 
Loving: late night talks and the wrath of khan 
Hoping: for a productive tomorrow. 
Marveling: at how quickly the snow came and left this week!
Needing: nothing. 
Smelling: gluten free brownies. They taste better than they sound, promise. 
Wearing: sweatpants and a blanket. 
Following: Melinda for her knitting, basket walls, and fresh perspectives.
Noticing: my pup sleeping in her bed, calm and quiet.  
Knowing: that hard work pays off.
Thinking: I should probably have watered my plants, today. 
Feeling: optimistic. 
Bookmarking: Paleo Thanksgiving recipes. 
Opening: my latest Grove box. 
Feeling: sleepy.

(Thanks, Pip!)
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