Style to Suit All of Your Moods

With Winter in full swing over here, I am craving cozy sweaters on sweaters on sweaters.

Do you ever find that your style is a direct reflection of the mood you're in? Like, sometimes if I wear all black, and I'm feeling edgy, I feel like I have a face like thunder all day. Sometimes we do just have those days where our style reflects our mood, and there’s nothing wrong with that. Because above everything, style is just a way of being able to express our thoughts and feelings. This is why, for me, it's been so important becoming more in tune with how I'm feeling; you just have to know those feelings that your style representing! These style ideas could suit some of the moods we can find ourselves in, over the next few months. After all, we could all use a bit of style inspiration from time to time.

Those Comfy Days

Winter is well and truly on its way, and the one thing that I feel like I really need lately are lots of comfy days. Those days where you can just hang around, not really caring what you look like in a way, as long as you feel super comfy. (Ever hear about the Danish art of Hygee? This is what I'm talking about!) But unfortunately, it’s not always acceptable to embrace the comfort of your jogging bottoms everywhere you go, so why not think about Tencel™ in jeans? Stylish, but designed for pure comfort that some days we really just need. On those really cold days, you’re going to need a jumper, and one color of jumper that never seems to go out of fashion is mustard. (Seriously think I'm buying like ten of these, this year!) For extra comfort, I'm planning on adding in some flat knee high boots. With the cold season gearing up (and snow in the forecast for next week - what?!) I just want to be happy with what I'm wearing. A nice winter coat wouldn’t go amiss with this one either. The fluffier the better! 

Those Sassy Days

Do you ever wake up in such a sassy mood, and just think "Today is my day. I’m going to walk around with my sass levels turned up, and I am going to love life." I have them and let me tell you- I own them, and our style can (and should) harness all the power we feel in them. Not to mention how easy it is to go from a sassy work outfit to evening spice, seamlessly. I try to stick to skinny jeans (preferably black). Then, keeping those winter vibes high again, throw in a white turtle neck jumper, and a black leather jacket to finish. Then, some sleek heeled boots, and I feel ready to sass all day.

Those Classy Days

Sometimes you just have a day where classy and sleek is the best way to be. For these days, I harness my inner Grace Kelly with a simple skirt and a tucked in white turtle neck (still perfect for these chilly days!). With a black skirt and some small ankle boots, this classy look is something I can work into my work wardrobe or out to a family outing and feel like my best self. 

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