Freshening Up Your Outfits For The New Year

I think it’s so inspiring to see people on the street with great style. For me, it gives me a little push to look at my own closet through a fresh set of eyes. Expressing ourselves through style is a privilege that we all can indulge in. When we look at our closets with a fresh perspective, it’s easy to mix and match new combinations that we haven’t considered before - hello, does anyone remember the days of the “30 for 30” challenge?!

Here are some ways you could freshen up your outfits for the new year ahead, using what is probably already hiding in your closet!

Forget about passing trends.
The first step to freshening up your outfits for the new year is to forget about the trends that come and go. It can be super tempting to spruce up your wardrobe by splurging on new pieces, but shopping for an entirely new wardrobe isn’t the key to expressing your personal style and, frankly, adding more clutter to the pile isn’t going to sort out a mess of mismatched items. Not to mention, frequent shopping isn’t exactly the most ethical approach. Trendy outfits can be fun, but the truth is, they come and go! And who wants to constantly be running to the store to keep up with the latest things we see on Instagram? By opting for timeless classic pieces, they can stick with you for the long-term. And, as we’ll mention later, you can keep your wardrobe fresh by mixing and matching outfits to create new looks. (I’m telling you. I really should harness those 30 for 30 days. Who is with me?!) One way to keep things fresh and classic is to opt for a neutral look that avoids patterns. Choosing classic basic colors is a good way to keep your look fresh and classic no matter what styles are currently on trend. And there are so many ways to express your personal style and spruce up your day-to-day look!

Always accessorize
If you’re getting the craving to reinvent your existing wardrobe, take a step back to consider a shift in the way you’re accessorizing. Personal style is all in the details! A neutral outfit can be stylish, as mentioned in the last point, but an accessory is a statement piece that gives your understated look some character. A nice belt can transform a flowing summer dress into a formal piece of work attire, for example. You might also want to check out SuperJeweler for some personalized jewelry. Rather than simply accessorizing your outfit with any old necklace or bracelet, you could add that extra personal touch by making your jewelry unique to you. Freshening up your personal style should be individual.

Don’t underestimate the power of a good handbag either! Handbags aren’t just a practical necessity but they can be an outlet to express your style while adding a little spruce to your outfit. Consider handbags that speak volumes, while still being neutral enough to pair with a variety of pieces in your closet. I know I feel like I have so many pieces tucked in my closet that contribute to variety – so when I shop for handbags, I try to consider getting styles that won’t clash with certain colors and patterns, when I wear them with some of my clothes. Accessorizing well is all about choosing pieces that not only compliment your personal style, but bring it to life! Your accessories shouldn’t detract from your existing outfit, but they shouldn’t disappear into it either. The smallest of accessories can make the biggest impact, even if you don’t realize it.

Wear well-fitted clothing.
This one is HUGE for me. Throughout my journey towards health and fitness, I feel like I was constantly shifting sizes in my clothes. I know I mentioned above about the value in choosing classic over trendy styles - following trends isn’t just bad in terms of ending up with outdated clothing but it’s unethical. If you feel the need to restock your closet, doing a little spring cleaning and donating what you don’t need to charity is an ethical way to upgrade your wardrobe in preparation for shopping for well-fitted pieces. When I slimmed down my closet, I tried on each piece and considered how I could incorporate each piece into my day-to-day. Some pieces were just too big, but some of them could still be used with a belt (loose dresses, boyfriend tees, and baggy pants are kind of in right now anyway, right?!). But at the end of the day, having fitted pieces that are tailored to your physique is important.

For me, I needed to upgrade to feel put together. I feel like having well fitted clothing just looks and FEELS better. Maybe it’s because a tailor-made wardrobe looks as if it’s the result of careful consideration. If your outfits fit your shape well then it’s apparent that you’ve put a lot of thought and effort into your appearance. That’s not to say you always have to take the “try hard” approach to style, but even stylish people who have mastered the “effortless” look have put more thought into their outfits than you might think. And your personal style is all about confidence. Sometimes a bold statement with your personal style can just come from the confidence you have when you’re flaunting your figure! Wearing baggy clothes made me feel like I was hiding – and that wasn’t the impression I wanted to leave the world with.

Learn to mix and match
There’s more potential to your wardrobe than you realize – and you don’t have to buy an excessive amount of clothing to enhance you personal style. Versatility in our closets is all about mixing and matching. It’s so easy to get stuck in a rut, and feel as if you’re cycling through the same few outfits every week. But you can switch things up, if you get creative. Accessories can help, but you can try putting together different pieces of clothing to create new and exciting outfits. Why not wear your favorite blouse with your favorite pair of jeans instead of a skirt or throw on a jean jacket over your favorite dress to create more a casual look, after work?

Expressing your personal style is all about how what you wear makes you feel. Looking good in what you have on requires feeling confident! For me, I needed a fresh perspective and to step away from my baggier clothing, to feel like I wasn’t hiding and to really express confidence. That’s not to say that I don’t embrace the occasional oversized sweater and leggings, combo. But in order to make the most of what I have, I have to embrace creativity. And so should you!

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