Sustainable Skincare with Ojai Sugar

"As I'm getting older..." -- A phrase that has become something of a joke, around here lately, as we use it to explain everything from newfound assertiveness to a classic appreciation for the simple things in life. 
For me, as I'm getting older, I'm learning the value in making sustainable choices that are healthier for my body and for my home. I'm learning to appreciate simple pleasures, like both routine and indulgence. And I'm learning to love, appreciate and take care of my skin today - for a healthier and happier bout of tomorrows. 
As I'm moving through this journey of self-love and sustainability, one of the routines that brings me the most joy is taking care of myself through routine skincare. I love savoring a few moments to myself at the beginning and end of each day as I use my serums and sprays, knowing that as I do, I'm not only encouraging my mind and body to be calm in and appreciate this moment, but I am giving my skin the care that it needs to be healthy for moments and years to come. 
Two products that I've been indulging in lately are Ojai Sugar's Petals Facial Oil and Facial Waters Spray. Ojai Sugar is a line of all natural body exfoliants and sustainable skincare products, based out of Ojai, California. I love that their unique products use hand-poured blends of plant-based ingredients and essential oils that I can really feel working to make my skin calm and clear. And the products smell like a sweet floral heaven! 
I've been using the facial water at night to hydrate and tone my skin, after cleansing. I spritz it on a cotton pad and gently rub over my fact to hydrate and refresh my skin before I apply the rest of my serums, oils, and moisturizers. 
After toning and moisturizing, I use just a few drops of the facial oil to hydrate my skin, before bed. The smell and feel of this baby is luxurious and makes me look forward to my short skincare ritual each night. Since I've added this oil to the mix, I've noticed my skin is calmer and feels rejuvenated. I'm planning to keep using a few drops each night to ward off the troubles of dry winter skin. 
Having a few moments each night to myself to bask in quiet solitude and skincare may not seem like a groundbreaking way to keep my life together, but as I'm getting older, I'm learning to love my skin, seek calm, and appreciate the small moments of peace that life brings us. 

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