Sunday Mornings with Love + Sage

I am a habitual misplacer of chapstick. Seriously. Just a few weeks ago, I found myself at Walgreens buying a multi-pack of lip gloss, thinking it would cure my winter lip woes for the entire season. But in the ten or so days after said shopping-extravaganza, I couldn't tell you where any of those babies are. I'm hoping it will be like finding that lost $10 bill in your coat pocket next winter, when I eventually find them all. You know the feeling, when you're so excited to find it that you can't even remember how sad you were to lose it, kinda deal? One can only hope...

In the meantime, I am trying desperately not to lose this little gem by Love + Sage. This Sunday Morning chapstick glides on like butter and feels lovely and lazy - just like a true Sunday morning (imagine the Danish art of hygge, but in lip gloss form. It's seriously that luxurious!).

Love + Sage is a TRUE #GirlBoss line of homemade body care products that only contains all-natural and organic ingredients. Each of their lip duos are formulated using organic beeswax and moisturizing oils, including coconut, jojoba, sunflower and baobab oils.

Since being introduced, I've completely fallen in love with the light and breezy scent of their tinted lip balms. Sunday Morning is non-tinted and delivers a dreamy scent of bergamot and rose, while Beach Rose adds just a touch of pink color and smells of rose and vanilla. I just love how silky smooth they make my lips feel.

What are your go-to necessities, for these winter months?

Items were received as a part of a collaboration with JoinPalm.

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