Taking Stock// September (002)

With school starting in full swing, this past week, it feels that life has been chaotic and scheduled to the minute. But I feel like we say the same thing every fall. That's just how life is, as it is right now. 

In other news, the As It Is Right Now Link Party is now live. I can't wait to read all about what life looks like for you, right now.

For me, today is full of watering my plants, lounging around in bed, and taking stock:

Making: an arm-knitting blanket with left over yarn, from an older bigger blanket project.
Cooking: Honey Lime Chicken Thighs. Kind of like these, but with a different flair. Maybe I'll share next week. 
Drinking: Sparkling tea. 
Reading: Four different books, at the same time. One of them being a historical read I would have never chosen on my own.  
Wanting: to speed up my next pay check. 
Looking: out the window at the rainy day, past the porch. 
Playing: "relaxing music" on Amazon Prime. 
Wasting: less. 
Sewing: I should really just remove this category, haha. 
Wishing: for motivation to clean out my closet. 
Enjoying: four day work weeks, courtesy of holidays I don't celebrate. 
Waiting: until this evening to jump back on the work-out-routine-train. 
Liking: watermelon for breakfast. 
Wondering: if I should start laundry. 
Loving: online shopping
Hoping: that my copious amounts of recent orders arrive today. 
Marveling: at how calm the world seems, this morning. 
Needing:  nothing. 
Smelling: coffee scented candles. 
Wearing: red. 
Following: Maddy - I already love the realness in her blog. And now she's starting her fitness journey, too. Pop on over and give her some love. 
Noticing: that it's easier to wake up early when I have a day off. Go figure. 
Knowing: it's time to dive back into routine and embrace it for all that it is. 
Thinking: about how I'm going to decorate my new tiny office at work, tomorrow. 
Feeling: content.
Bookmarking: Classroom ideas on Pinterest. Even though I don't have classroom. 
Opening: my mind to new possibilities.
Feeling: ready for what's next.

(Thanks, Pip!)
Taking Stock: 001


What is life for you right in this moment?
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