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When I first moved into my home, this time last year, I was so excited to unpack the many boxes I had been harboring at my parents': boxes that held everything from towels and dishes to boxed up memories. I couldn't wait to get in here and put everything in its place and decorate everything like the Joanna Gaines that lives deep inside me.

Once I moved though, I quickly realized I still had too many clothes and not enough free time. This combination meant that while I was having fun getting settled, I never quite felt like rooms were "done" or "ready". So when it comes to sharing where I am with my space, I think I still harbor a little feeling of "Wait! I'm not ready, yet!"

These snaps here are from my guest-room-in-the-making. I still have a collection of artifacts I would like to hang on the walls and I am waiting to find bed skirts that speak to me. But right now, at this moment, this is what it looks like.

One thing I love about this blogging space, however inconsistently I've used it over the past ten years, is the ability to scroll through old posts like a time capsule and relive old memories through the posts, here. And when I think about my feelings of hesitancy in sharing or jumping before I'm ready, I realize that if I never shared my life at those times, I wouldn't have the opportunity to float back through the memories and snapshots, later.

I think there's value in showing up before we're ready and also in being present in the now. And I think there's value in accepting where we are, in every area of life. Because when we accept where we are, it's a whole lot easier to move forward - whatever direction forward may be.

So for that reason, I want to celebrate life: exactly as it is right now. 

What is life for you right in this moment?
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