Taking Stock // July (001)

Maybe it's nostalgia. Maybe I just want to be able to remember how things were right this minute, in history. But whatever it is, here is "taking stock" summer 2018 edition.

Making: too many knitting projects. seriously, how many half-fished scarves can a girl have?
Cooking: YES! I actually am, now. Who am I?
Drinking: Spindrift. Over and over again. I'm addicted. 
Reading: Sense and Sensibility. Because I'm in love with it. 
Wanting: a break from reality. 
Looking: at the cutest sleeping pup and pictures from the Taylor Swift concert, my sister took me to.  
Playing: gamey games. 
Wasting: hours. 
Sewing: haha. Nothing. The way it should be. 
Wishing: I wouldn't lose so many lip gloss tubes. 
Enjoying: Paul Cardall on pandora.
Waiting: to start my dissertation. 
Liking: the way I feel, without processed food. 
Wondering: how long my 5% battery will last. 
Loving: Saladwords dates with my mama
Hoping: I can commit to this new fitness routine, I signed up for. 
Marveling: at how green my almost-dead grass has become.
Needing: a nap. 
Smelling: apple cinnamon, everywhere. Seriously, I will never get tired of this scent. In candles. In air fresheners. In room sprays. In the oven. Everywhere.
Wearing: Shorts, because it's summer. But freezing, because air conditioning. 
Following: lots of new Instagram accounts that ooze inspiration. 
Noticing: that there really can be enough time for everything. 
Knowing: that life is about seasons. And I'm genuinely enjoying the one I'm living in, right now. 
Thinking: about fall and the new school year and fall and leaves and fall. 
Feeling: my face, every time I do my nightly routine. 
Bookmarking: instructions on how to fix bluetooth speakers
Opening: the refrigerator. 
Giggling: at late night Snapchats from handsome mediocre men. 
Feeling: inspired.

(Pretty sure Taking Stock started with Pip's blog about a hundred years ago!)

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