first adventure of the summer

I am not a traveler. My version of adventure is trying a new guacamole recipe, in the comfort of my own kitchen. But earlier this summer, I had the opportunity to attend the National Education Conference in Boston. This was an extreme adventure, that started with being catapulted into the sky at 400 miles per hour! And by that, I mean I flew ... in a plane. I know it doesn't sound like much, but for about 25 years I've lived my life with my feet planted firmly on the ground! So, to take a plane ride, seemed crazy scary. (In hindsight, flying was super fun and fast and easy and I get the whole hype behind it now. Really.)

Anyway, we had the best time exploring the city in between breaks in our schedule. In our attempt to be healthy, we opted to walk the three miles to the convention center from our hotel. This resulted in our becoming hopelessly lost and walking more than ten miles to get home. Side note: to the nice lady who asked us for directions, I'm so incredibly sorry. But, seriously, if you ever have the chance to become lost in this city, I highly recommend it.

Highlights from our exploration include: going to Wahlburgers to buy lemonade, wandering past our hotel and finding these beautiful apartments, exploring the corner MLB store, and marveling at all of the buildings. 
Even though we had trouble with directions, throughout our trip, at the end of the day, we learned a very important spelling lesson:

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