the perfect fit.

Dress (c/o eShakti), Nude Pumps (Macy's, $23)

          It’s no secret, that over the years, I have struggled trying to gain weight. I’ve always been very petite at a rounded-up 5’5” and 102 pounds at my highest (except for when I played LAX in high school, making it to a whole 118 lbs! Woohoo!!). I’ve never really had a personal problem with my body-image, but it’s always been rough playing defense, when good-intentioned friends and family members criticize my weight with comments about the burgers I ought to eat. Thank you, but I’m not anorexic. I just can’t gain weight.

          As a girl who can still fit some of the clothes she wore in grade school (see: the first grade sweater), I was slowly beginning to lose hope that I might ever get out of my skinny jeans. I could honestly say, that as I headed towards college, I was really hoping to find that freshman-fifteen I had heard so much about! And while it didn’t happen that first year…or at any point in college, as a matter of fact, it did finally happen!! Shortly after graduation, everything changed. I ditched my three other jobs (or most of them, anyway) and began teaching full time. And with this new job came a new lunch. And macaroni and cheese every day. And a changing metabolism. And let me tell you, I have never been happier.

          It’s bitter-sweet, not fitting into many of my old clothes; I went from a size 0 to a size 5, in 10 months. And as new as this feeling is, I feel so much healthier and so much more comfortable in my new skin. Besides, it’s been an excuse to go shopping. And I sure do love to shop. ;)

How cool are these pockets?!!
         Speaking of finding the perfect fit, Eshakti kindly sent me this beautiful dress – just in time for the summer season! Eshakti is online brand specializing in custom women’s clothing. Of course, I headed straight for their latest dress collection, and it was so hard to pick just one dress to start, but they offer such a wide variety of clothing styles: from boho blouses, to nautical skirts! And the best part, is their custom sizing; Using your measurements and design-specifications, they create clothing that is unique for your perfect fit.

          Right now, Eshakti is offering a $25 Gift Coupon for first time shoppers. I’ve already got my eye on a few more dresses for my summer wardrobe.

Be sure to check out their latest summer styles, here and my latest favorites, below.

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Happy Shopping!

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  1. While I've never personally had the issue of not gaining weight. Im glad someone felt comfortable talking about the other side of things because there are people who truly can't gain weight and its a problem for them. The often talked about losing weight struggle is out there but both are equally important! I love this dress and Im glad you've found a new reason to shop :)

  2. This is beautiful!! I love the color on you! :)

    xo, gina

  3. i feel your pain! i'm naturally very skinny with a high metabolism and couldn't find it more annoying when people comment on my weight. i'm glad you're finally feeling confident in your own skin, you look great! love the dress.

  4. This is a beautiful gorgeous dress, love it so much. The shape is perfect, I adore the details and those pockets. I can relate to what you wrote and definitely understand. There are a lot of potential reasons, I wish people would stop it with the assumptions too.

  5. You look so cute in that dress! And You look awesome and healthy :) If I ate mac N cheese everyday I might gain too much weight haha but I sure do love me some good mac n cheese!

    Lovely Little Rants