five facts of life

Fact #1 - When you haven't done an outfit post in 100 years, your face tends to do weird things when you finally give it a shot again. Like this...and this...and, yes, even this.

Fact #2 - Trusting a boy with date plans will inevitably lead to an evening consisting of, not just the two of you, but also 8 to 10 of his closest friends and family (regardless of how you feel about the situation).

Fact #3 - Being the only sober one at Happy Hour will, without a doubt, lend itself to a very entertaining evening.

Fact #4 - These pants are the world's most comfortable pants (next to pajamas, of course!). And bonus: unlike pajamas, they are socially acceptable to wear in public.

Tee (H&M), Pants (Kohl's, $14), Sandals (JCPenny, $2)

Fact #5 - If you google "mom in leggings", my picture (with a link to this here blog) will show up. You don't even need to scroll around. It's front and center. Like, result number 6. I'm not sure why...but it's a fact.

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