dirty little secrets

Day 3 Hair! (Thanks to Batiste)
I have a secret to confess.......I don't shampoo, every day.
During high school, I wouldn’t (couldn’t!) go a day without washing my hair. Each and every morning, I would routinely wash and condition and blow dry in order to make sure that my locks were primped and polished for the day. I was envious of the girls who boasted about making their curly do’s last for days at a time, but with hair so thin and so light, it was hard to make it through even a late evening without feeling like my tresses needed a pick-me-up.
But then something happened during college. You see, I learned the value of sleep. And the snooze alarm. And taking those valuable minutes of quality blow-drying time, and turning them into quality pillow-time. So, at that, I became a dry-shampoo adventurer. A coniseur, if you will, trying every possible variety that could go on sale, in order to find the perfect sleep-in solution for my tough-to-love hair.
Of all the types I’ve given a try, my top 3 worth-while dry shampoos:

1. Dove, $  2. Batiste, $$  3. Tigi, $$$
1. Dove Hair Therapy, Refresh + Care, Dry Shampoo -- Ringing in as the least expensive of the three, at about $4 a bottle, this shampoo has seen me through a number of sweltering summer days. It left my hair feeling squeaky clean, between washes. But.. with an emphasis on squeaky - and the light-colored powder that it left in my hair tended to build up as the days added up. I wouldn't try to get past a week of washing with this one. Similar here.
2. Batiste Dry Shampoo (Blush scented) -- After receiving this baby for Christmas, I immediately became addicted! I didn't need to use as much as I would normally use with other brands of dry shampoo, making it's slightly higher $8 price tag totally worth it. Over the holiday break, I was feeling especially experimental (and a tad bit lazy, if I'm being honest) and was able to make it to a whopping 10 days without a wash. And to make it better: my locks felt freshly washed and bouncy, without any gooey buildup. Woohoo! Similar here.
3. Rockaholic by Tigi, Dirty Secret Dry Shampoo -- The most pricey of the group, weighing in at $19, this spray smelled incredible. I decided to make the splurge after a customer at my weekend job at the pharmacy boasted about how she couldn't live without it. It was definitely good for a volume pick-me-up throughout the day, as it was so much lighter than other sprays. But unfortunately for my pocket book, it wasn't a contender for multi-day wash-skipping. Similar here.
After all of my testing, by trail and error, my favorite of the many (for skipping multiple washes) is definitely..... Batiste!

What about you? Do you frequent the dry-shampoo scene?
What are your favorite hair care secrets?


  1. Yes, I am a huge fan of dry shampoo too! I am currently using Suave, another cheap and surprisingly effective version! It looks like you and I have very similar hair--it's funny how even though curly hair looks thick it can actually be fine and require frequent washing. Oh, the joys....haha. Yours looks great!

  2. I only wash my hair every other day. I find it dries my hair out if it gets washed more than that! I tried dry shampoo once, which I found worked reasonably well, but I found that when I sprayed it I couldn't stay in the room for the amount of coughing it caused. Which made me think about what was in it and I decided I didn't want to use it. I haven't tried any of these brands though so perhaps they wouldn't have the same effect!

  3. Your hair looks amazing! I've never actually used dry shampoo, I'm so behind. x

  4. I have never tried dry shampoo, but I keep hearing such great things about it. I wash my hair every day, because it seems like it gets so greasy by the end of the day. I want to try Batiste now, though, because your hair looks great! Thanks so much for the comment on my blog. I'm excited to follow yours along:)