following a new road.


Has it really been THAT long? I can't believe it's been six months!! It's really only felt like a few weeks, since I've last blogged, to be honest.

Life has been so incredibly busy, I don't even know where to start --- Don't worry, though. I didn't actually get a life or anything. I did, however, pick myself up a (another) job! Except this time, I got a big girl job. I was able to leave a few of my part time jobs behind, which proved to be bitter-sweet. I'm excited to move on to the career that I've worked so hard to get to, but it was hard leaving behind a job that, over the past 5 years, had become such a big part of me. It was like leaving home! But it was time to move on. I feel so incredibly blessed to have gotten a job interview before the end of summer, at the school I fell in love with as a student teacher. And I'm feeling even more blessed now to be teaching little friends in Kindergarten and First Grade, every day.

Everyone told us as college kids that our first year teaching would be incredibly busy. At the time, I didn't think anything could possibly be any more overwhelming than trying to graduate college and student teaching, and working three jobs. Ha. How wrong I was! But even though I still don't have a life (seriously, I come home from work, eat dinner, and do some paperwork before I go to bed...) I've never been a more satisfied-busy, if that makes sense.

Slowly, the craziness is easing into routine, and aside from a few minor mishaps along the way, I'm surviving the first semester, and learning a little as I go. Like learning how to slowly make time for things other than lesson planning and paperwork doing (like reading and blogging!) .

I'm happy to be busy. And I'm really happy to be back to this little corner.

See you soon ;)

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