the home of the free and the brave.

Romper (Kohl's, $3), High Waisted Shorts (Kohl's, $7), 
Watch (Sturling, Gift), Sandals (Lauren Conroad, clearance)

July 4 is supposed to be exciting. Filled with the sweet smell of bacon cheeseburgers, patriotic displays on ever corner, and over done firework shows, the fourth is a celebration of independence and summer and the right for your neighbors to dress and drink like fools, until the next holiday comes around.
This year, like every other, was indeed a celebration. But in this house, it was a celebration of laziness and relaxation.

Not that I'm complaining! After all, it's nice to have off from work for an entire day and not have any plans or places to be. And it's especially nice to sleep in until ten, eleven, almost noon, without being late for anything in particular. 

This year, our fourth was absolute bliss. I found myself spring cleaning my closet, watching baseball, and working on my car. (Note: By "working" here, I mean backing it out of the garage and using all of the elbow grease that my tiny frame can provide to rub some much needed rain-x into those windows,  of mine. And then, pulling it back into the garage. I don't know if you'd consider that "work"...but it sure sounds gruff and mechanicy, doesn't it? ;)

It was also a day for my sister and I to embrace our inner tourist, as we walked around our quaint town, and hit all of the hot spots along the way. We even made time for a sister photo shoot (pics to come, later!). And you know what? We even climbed a tree today. I mean, if that's not celebrating and living on the wild side, then I don't know what is! (Note all the sarcasm here.)

Through it all, I did seize the day and don some blue and white stripes today. Since that's 2/3 of the way to being patriotic, I think it ought to count for something.

Happy Independence day to everyone, and a special thank you to the troops (and families) who make that independence possible.

Here's to a happy fourth of July!


  1. Everyone needs a lazy and super relaxing Fourth of July! That sounds like a fun day.

    I love your shorts.

  2. sounds like you had a wonderful day! and you got such great deals on your outfit!

  3. I love your outfit :) Especially the romper! And it sounds like you had a great day!!!