Since school has ended, time has been stretched thin between working, and training for new jobs, and endless to-do lists. So, when I had my first official day off, my grandma suggested we seize the opportunity to go junking in her favorite shops.

So, in celebration, we ventured into the heart of Amish Country, Pennsylvania to see what our eyes could spy at some of the cutest little antique shops, around. While we were there, I had to remind myself constantly that I don't have cute cottage by the lake, a dreamy little loft, or a shabby-chic boathouse to house all of the wonderful furniture and knick-knacks that I found...yet!

Weaving in and out of the collections of vintage dressers and bookshelves, I couldn't help but dream of my own little home near the shore somewhere, to decorate and love. With comfy quilts and rugged old trunks, framed maps and railroad signs, books and books (and books!). I can't wait to go house shopping, someday. I have this little vision of a home tucked away quietly in the trees, somewhere on the outskirts of a small town. One that envelopes you in seclusion when you need it, but offers room to grow and raise babies when you're ready. This house is my someday-dream... Someday I'll find it, and buy it, and love it to pieces.

Since graduating, I've been bouncing a lot of what-if's and maybe's around in my mind. I am so eager to finally begin this next chapter in my life. Last week, I switched a shift at work so that I could drive out to a neighboring county for some teaching interviews, and since then, all I can think about it what it might be like to teach my own students, some day very soon! I don't know what the future holds, but I am excited to see where it takes me!

Anywayssss, enough of my rambling. Here are some pictures I snapped while we were junking!

I fell in love with this print: the font, the colors, her pretty little face.
 If only I had $150 and a large deserving wall to hang it on...


  1. These pictures are awesome! I've always been jealous of teachers (even though I could never be one myself) because of their schedules. You'll have it made! Good luck with the job hunt! Also, i recently found some vintage cameras just like those in the last picture, and i fear it's turning into a bad addiction!

  2. wish we had vintage shops that good here!

  3. love vintage shops! and i have the exact same problem!
    i can't wait till i have a place of my own to furnish! :)