a trip to the beach (and my top summer picks)

I am not much of a morning person. Okay, to be honest, I'm probably the farthest thing from a morning person that you will ever meet. My idea of waking up early is anything after nine and before eleven. I value every minute of my sweet sleep, so sacrificing it any earlier than I have to, seems like a tragedy to me. But today, I pulled on my big girl pants and took one for the team. Because this morning, the family and I were up and out the door before seven am to make it to the beach "before the crowds". 

Growing up, that seems to always be my mama's favorite time of morning: before the traffic, before the crowds and lines of people, just as all the stores were flipping their closed signs around to be open for business.And I can't say I blame her. I like the quiet of morning, and I might like it even more if it only didn't happen so early! 

When we got the beach this morning, the sand was still cool and fresh from last night's rain storm. And to make the deal even sweeter: we practically had the beach to ourselves. However, we did share the shore with a few dolphins (porpoises? I don't know the difference..) that were too sneaky for a photoshoot, swimming just off of shore. The private party didn't last very long, as other beach go-ers woke up and eventually crowded up the sand with their barages of towels and chairs and rolling carts (which, side note: I totally want one of those. You know, the big ones that you can stash just about anything you might need for a beach trip? Yeah! It's on my wishlist..). But anyway, for a few hours this morning, I think we were all enjoying our little piece of heaven. 

At the end of it all, we made our sweaty, tired way over to the local pizza joint for some good old AC and cheese pizza. And when I say sweaty and tired, I mean it in every sense of the way. I never understood how some girls can go to the beach and leave just as beautifully as they arrived... pretty makeup, perfect hair.. practically glowing in their perfectness. I have never been one of those girls. Five minutes into any outdoor adventure, my face is red, my hair is a mess, and my make up is practically melting off of me. Just to paint you a picture here. It's not pretty. For all of you pretty beach girls... HOW do you do it?! Share your secrets!!

But all of the natural messiness aside, this is what I love about summer the most: The traditions of pizza by the shore. Relaxing on the sand. And finally justifying the time I bought that bikini five months ago, that I have now worn once this summer.... (I really need to start going out more).

So I guess I would just like to extend a little thank you to my mama, today. For dragging me out of my bed, and letting me experience all that being an early bird has to offer. ;) I can maybe see now why you like it so much. And maybe... just maybe, I like it, too. 

Okay! So on a topic a little different than the beach: here are my top five picks for this summer!!

1. Olay Fresh Start BB Cream - The first and only BB cream I'll ever need. I love how moisturizing it is, and how well it blends my crazy pink-ish skin tone. It even makes me look a little tanner! And I love me a good tan. 

2. Catwalk Curl Rock Hair Spray - For those days that my mane just won't cooperate, there's curl rock to the rescue, giving me that "I-Meant-To-Have-Crazy-Hair-Today" look. 

3. & 4.  Stripes and Red Shorts - Need I say more? It's like peanut butter and jelly. They just.. go together, like perfect love. 

5. Hunter Boat Shoes - I've been embracing my nautical love, lately, with these babies. I scored them at the end of the summer season, last year... on sale. ;) making them ten times sweeter. 

What are your favorite things this summer?


  1. Lol I am NOT a morning person but sometimes we have to sacrifice our sleep for a greater cause lol. BTW my fave summer things so far are my viva la juicy perfume and all my highlighters for a bronzed summer look.

    New post ~ http://smilerrr.blogspot.co.uk/2013/07/regis-salon-manicure-review.html

  2. Ended up here from your comment on another blog, glad I did! I am a morning person...not by choice, by toddler ruling, I have grown to be one!

    I will never leave a beach the way I arrived! IMPOSSIBLE! Sounds like a great day. And LOVE your summer picks!


  3. Stripes and Red Shorts ARE perfect together!! Love the nautical look:) Happy Friday!

  4. lol I love how you describe 3 & 4...it's so true though.

    xo erica

  5. haha this made me laugh. "perfect beach hair" was always a mystery to me. glad y'all had a wonderful beach day! sleep is one of my top priorities as well, so i'm impressed you sacrificed for your sweet mom :)

  6. i adore that picture!

    xx, rebecca

  7. Love the boat shoes, and I like that picture : ) Your blog is great! I think my favorite thing this summer was going camping and just relaxing! : )