the art of being "busy"

During my last semester of school, I kept a count down going that I chanted almost every morning; "two more months. two more months!" is what I would keep telling myself, in order to haul my tush out of the comforts of my nice warm bed, out into the real world of bad drivers and mean-spirited professors. On the days when I felt like I barely had time for anything more than brushing my teeth and grinding out a few more applications and lesson plans, I'd find myself chanting my countdown, again.

Now, it's officially summer: the season for kicking back, reading on the beach, and doing absolutely nothing! But two weeks in, and I'm already finding myself slipping into the routine of business, starting a new summer job, and hunting for a teaching positions for the fall. What happened to my summer-time chant?! What happened to lazy days and mason jars of lemonade? And corn dogs and root beer?? And just doing nothing?!

As part of my solid effort to do more than just perfect the art of being busy this summer, I've been making lists throughout the work day. Lists of things I need to do when I get home, lists of adventures I want to go on, lists of recipes I saw on pinterest that I would love to try ask mom to make for me, you know, lists of good stuff! And then, to proactively achieve and celebrate these lists, what did I do, every single day this week? I.... went to bed before seven! Wooo! I'm such the party animal. ;)

I think... I think I'm starting to be a grown up! Worse than a grown up. I think, I'm starting to become... an old lady!! Somebody, Anybody: Please, tell me how to make it stop?! 

I refuse to be another statistic: another girl turned 80 before her time. 

So, here's my list of things to do this summer. And I'm telling you, they're going to get done:

1. Go junkin' - I'm such a sucker for vintage finds, and I've heard that there are great places on the coast to discover some beauties. I'm excited to try my luck!

2. Take a trip to the beach - I mean, it's the beach. Enough said! 

3. Revive my wardrobe - After rummaging through my summer stash, I've come to the realization that out of all my dozens of pairs of shorts, precisely zero of them follow the fingertip rule. I'm not sure if I got taller or got standards.. I'm going to go with the taller option. ;) But either way, I need to revive, refashion, and retail my way into a new summer look. 

4. Make time for reading - For my birthday, last week, I got some sweet new reads (thanks, mama!) that I can't wait to start. I've also missed reading all of your lovely blogs, every day. So, starting now, I'm making some priorities!

5. Discover my town - I've lived in the same place for all of my twenty-two years, and have only visited the shops and places down town a few times. I think, this summer, it's time to get reacquainted with some Middle-of-Nowhere City loving. I'm feeling a boat-load of long walks and restaurant sampling in my near future.

What about you? 
What's on your bucket list, this summer?


  1. I am so with you on #1,2 and 4!!! Good luck accomplishing these things:). Sounds fun!

    I'm following you on Bloglovin' from the Let's Be Friends blog hop! I'd love for you to follow back so we can keep in touch! I'm excited to read more from you! :)