Well, so much for successfully taking on this Everyday in May challenge! It's officially day 5. Aaaaaand, I'm yet to write on days 3 and 4. Whoops! It has been just about the craziest week ever, in between portfolios and interviews and lessons. And while it's been frustrating and time consuming and makes me want to dive headfirst into some Ben & Jerry's for relief, it's also really exciting to know that we're in the home stretch, now. And in only 17 more days, I won't be thinking, talking, or blogging about college any more! And that's something worth smiling about.

Anyways.. on to day three!

There isn't really one thing that makes me feel uncomfortable. It's more of a list. So.. without any more gabbing:

Uncomfortable (adj.) ~ Causing or feeling unease or awkwardness: "an uncomfortable silence".

1. Falling asleep on the little couch in the living room.
2. Old men who dole out creepy compliments, while their wives are standing right next to them. 
3. First graders with wiggly teeth. I don't know what their fascination is with their loose teeth, but it seems like every day, I have a gaggle of them running up during free play or transitions showing off their newly wiggly teeth. Ah! Give me a thousand scraped knees or tummy troubles. I can handle that! Show me one tooth?? And I'm practically down for the count.
4. That awkward kiss at the end of a date, that wasn't even really a date. I'll just leave it at that. The definition of uncomfortable moments. 
5. Walking into class more than six minutes late. Six minutes is predictable, it's routine: it's in my blood.  Seven or more? That's when the whole class turns to stare you down as you walk in, inching your way towards your seat, mid-lecture. That's when it gets uncomfortable. 

I love this quote by Alan Alda (Yes, I might be smushing day four right on in here with day three. And no... I maybe don't know who Alan Alda is. But I sure like his words!). 
This year, I feel like I have found myself in so many frustrating and nerve-wracking situations. These words are a reminder that sometimes, being out of our comfort zone is just where we need to be in order to grow and, ultimately, become who we are meant to be.

Happy day three, four, cinco de mayo!

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