if you're stressed, just get some lettuce

Sweater (Sister's), Babydoll Top (Pac Sun, clearance),
 Pants (Windsor, $20), Shoes (Simply Vera, Kohl's, $7)

So, yesterday was just about the craziest day of ever. Have you ever had one of those days, where your brain was moving way too fast for your mouth to keep up? Well, yesterday was that day. It started off with me rushing around like chicken with no head, with planning and meetings, then lead to a scene with 20 six-year-olds asking to go to the bathroom at the same time during my formal observation with the principal. Eventually, it lead to an awfully embarrassing conversation with that principal, where I was supposed to be reflecting on the lesson, but my brain didn't quite link up with what my mouth was saying. So, instead of saying that the lesson was successful, I found myself telling her that my lettuce was stressful.


Yeah. The moral of this story: Don't expect to have a normal conversation, when you're so jittery on nerves, and just ate a salad for lunch.

Good thing there's only 5 days until graduation.


Because of this super busy, and super successful stressful week, I haven't done so well with this Every Day In May gig. I really wanted to finish all of the prompts, but let's get real: It's the 18th of May. And I haven't done day 5 yet. But there's no rules right? So, with that being said.. I'm taking May one day at a time, and finishing out this challenge sporadically. A few days in May? A day in June? You know. It'll happen.

In other news, these pants. Remember these? Wellllll, I bought them. My mama calls them my Sandy Pants (with good reason!). I'm feeling a good ol' Sandy Grease rendition coming up!

Better shape up, up, up, up. ;)

Here's to a happy weekend!


  1. Gorgeous pictures-adorable outfit-love the pop of color on your nails! cute blog-so glad I found it! following you now-)

  2. Hey there!!! I have JUST started back up with my blogging and saw that I had some new followers... stopped by your blog to see what you're about and LOVE it!! :) love this outfit! the windsor pants are adorbsss! (I also watched your sock bun tutorial and will be trying mine your way today just to switch things up a bit :) thanks for the tips! :) )looking forward to seeing you around :) xo! b