here comes the sun

Oh, April. It's so nice to see you, again! (:

With all of the sunshine we've had this week, it's almost easy to forget that there is a thirty degree wind chill lingering outside those bright sunshiney windows. But it seems happy to remind us of its presence with a good slap on the face, as soon as we step outside in short-sleeves. It's such a tease, I'm telling you. But the real Spring is on its way, I'm sure of it. A pretty patch of yellow daffodils told me so, today.


Jenna, a sweet blogger friend, recently nominated me for a Sunshine Award, as someone who "positively and creatively inspires others in the blogosphere". Reading through her post, I was excited to find the blogs of many deserving and creative ladies, that have since been such an inspiration to me since finding their corners of the web. I was especially touched that Jenna would consider me worthy to make the list! (: And even more so by her sweet words.

It touched my heart that she called my posts honest and sweet. So much that since then, I really have been thinking about my posts and blogging in general. I love blogging. Even though all of the day-to-day demands of life sometimes get in the way, I love having a place to play with design, post pictures, and most of all, put down my thoughts. After all, that's the biggest reason that I started this blogging journey! Thinking about that reason, made me realize that I wasn't living up to my own expectation of always posting how I really felt, or what was really going on in my life. 

Honestly, 2012 was a stupid year. Especially the end of it. I found myself posting about the hope I have for the things to come and my faith in God, but not about what really led me to those points. Nothing about what got me there. They say that awful, horrible things always happen in three's. Just around October, last year, out of nowhere, Life started throwing us those curve balls. Fast. Our local community was left broken after a tragic accident that stole away the life of a young girl, and critically injured her boyfriend (both young athletes in the community), who is still working towards recovering in the hospital, today. She was a childhood friend of my sisters, who I remember from when she was a little girl, running around at girl scout meetings when I was volunteering.

My family struggled, having to say a teary goodbye to my great-grandma: a woman who was truly inspirational, inside and out. Living on the opposite coast, it's been years since I have seen her. But I will always have wonderful memories making sopapillas in my grandma's kitchen, together, and impatiently "learning" how to crochet on her lap.

My mama and I began our journey through the judicial system, that still isn't over, after being victimized by a drunk driver in a hit-and-run accident, right after Thanksgiving. I am so grateful that we are physically okay. But being robbed of any sense of security that we had had before, only a few miles from home, has been the biggest struggle. I've changed my driving route just to avoid high traffic, or the corner where he hit us. But it doesn't matter. Driving along those windy roads, or any road now, will never quite be the same. 

Two months. Two months was all it took to shatter life as we knew it. We were brought face to face with mortality. We were robbed of our sense of security. And we were faced with the reliable, but hard, truth that God's plan, however perfect, may not always match our own. 

Each of these alone were harsh realities to accept.

We had Easter dinner with family, last night, like we do almost every year. We smiled and joked about the silly things we do, almost every year. And just like we almost always do, we smiled politely at "that" family member (that each of us have!) as we held in what we were really thinking and kindly kept our eye-rolling to a minimum. That's family. But even with as much eye rolling as I would have liked to do at times throughout the evening, I am so very thankful to have them here with us this year, to enjoy dinner with. Because, yes; Hearing that story seven hundred times doesn't make me want to stay at the dinner table very long. But being able to hear that story for the 701th time, makes me never want to leave. 

Yesterday made my heart sad, for those who weren't at that table with us, this year, or only a phone call away, like they always have been before. But yesterday also made my heart swell with the realization that soon, we will all be around a much bigger and much more gratifying table in Heaven, where we can enjoy our company together for eternity (minus the eye-rolling, of course). 

So, this Easter, I give thanks. For everything in my life as I know it. For everyone I am able to enjoy, now. And for whatever God does in our lives, in the future. 

I am thankful.

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  1. What a beautiful set of images! I love daffodils. They are such happy spring flowers!