what i really did today.

Jean Jacket (Thrifted, $5), Necklace (Tiffany's, Gift), Blouse (Kohl's, $15), 
Jeggings (TJ Max, $12), Anchor Watch (Sturling, Gift), 
Sandles (Lauren Conrad, Kohl's, $8)

So I have some confessions to make... First of which, is maybe one of the biggest offenses that I have committed today, and I am totally guilty. After three whole months of secretively snickering at all the silly people wearing shorts and flip flops in this more-than-chilly Eastern Shore weather, I did it... I wore sandles!! And I am guilty, guilty, guilty!! In my defense (do I get a defense?) it was awfully warm today.. Almost 50 degrees. ;) And I just couldn't wait to soak it all up, right down to my toes!

Confession number two? Well...Instead of doing one of my three papers due next week, or washing my awfully, awfully messy car, or writing all my lesson plans for Wednesday, or maybe cleaning my over-sized closet of a room, or anything else productive or worthwhile, I........went shopping. Window shopping of course (because Bank knows, this girl is down right broke!), but shopping nonetheless. We waltzed around the fancy bag stores, and spied cute shoes to add to the future list. I even squeezed a little coffee adventure in there, today.

Okay. And since we're on a roll with these confessions, I might as well just spill: I might have made a few trips to Dunkin Donuts, this week. And by a few, I mean that I went just about every day. Which is really a good thing, because it's helped me find my new love: The Irish Cream Coolada. (: Ahh. To sum it up in one word: Heaven.

I wish I could keep procrastinating all week, but the Real World will be knocking on my door bright and early tomorrow morning, with all of it's big girl responsibilities, and lesson plans, and term papers. At least for the next 72 days, until graduation. ;)

Make this week WONDERFUL. 


  1. I almost wore sandals today too but settled for crocheted Toms instead. Love the outfit!!

  2. Love this outfit!
    Adorable as always! :)

    We don't have a Dunkin Donuts around here. But I've been enough times to realllly miss it.

    Have a great week!

  3. I love that shirt, watch, and sandals.
    And how cheap all of this is. (:

    You're gorgeous, girl!

  4. In love with that shirt!!! New follower :)

  5. stumbled on your blog via the blog hop at:

    that top is SO SO SO CUTE! def a cute outfit and some cute pics! :-)


  6. The Irish Cream sounds great! Don't worry, my willpower wouldn't be able to survive something that good either ;) Your hair is so pretty <3 xxx

  7. I'm guilty of wearing summer clothes at the slightest hint of spring as well. It's just so hard not to! And I don't even care if I look dumb for it :) Also, you're adorable :)

  8. Hey, sweet lady! I nominated you for an award, and I would love it if you'd go check it out! (:


  9. But you didn't wear shorts, right? Tell me you didn't wear shorts?? The sandals would be forgiven. The shorts...No way! :)

  10. That's such a cute jean jacket! Love your blouse too!