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Lately, it's been all business, lots of running, and a more than a bit of fast food. That's what happens when you're on the go: a little french fry here, a little McDouble there. Now, I'm not a health nut by any means: I mean, I embrace the greasy deliciousness of every Mc-something that I order. And I savour every bite. But there's something to be said for (almost) home made pancakes with fresh blackberry topping and sitting down with the people you love most (most days) to enjoy it. 

I think this is why having a late Sunday brunch today with these people was so enjoyable. Thinking about it, the fact that I enjoyed such a breakfast with my family, while dining in borderline sweat clothes (in public, no less!) might have added to the sweetness of it all.


Lately, there has been a constant trickling of icy rain and dusty snow. As much as I enjoy a good snow day here and there, I really wish it would just monster snow all at once, and get it all out of its system! There's only so many morning drives, courtesy of Mr. Jack Frost, that this girl can handle in one week. Come on snow: Go BIG or go HOME. 

Lately, I've been doing a whole lot of driving. The thing I'm looking forward to most after graduation, is *hopefully* getting a job. And one with *hopefully* a less than two hour commute. Because, frankly, as much as I love my car, this whole driving around thing gets pret-ty old, pret-ty fast. 

Lately, I've been counting down for spring and all of her colors and surprises. Maybe it's all of these floral pants and pastel colors in the stores, but something has me really itching to embrace the springtime. I'm excited for the weather, the color, and most of all, the promise of new beginnings

How are you doing, lately?


  1. great pictures! Same here in eastern Ontario, Canada, winter storm one after another. Can't wait till spring is here. Hope the little groundhog is right!

    New follower from the blog hop. Lovely blog you have here.


  2. Love your pics! The snow is so pretty!