i'm calling in sick today..

After being having the flu all weekend, I got up yesterday ready to tackle to the world. (You know, driving all over creation, pulling first grade vocabulary games out of a hat, and super-girl stuff like that.) Only to be pulled back down once again, today. I guess I couldn't escape so easy, after all. Talk about unfair.

But as much of a bummer as it has been to miss school and the kiddos twice this week, it's been a nice excuse to sit back and catch up on hot episodes of Scandal and the Bachelor (whose "tell-all" really wasn't all that exciting, after all. am I wrong? I mean, I was holding out for the juice!).
Anyway, it's also been a week for munching on an endless supply of Dove Chocolate (and I mean endless... it's like a pile up to my eye balls of dove wrappers, over here. mm.) and watching chick flicks, with songs to make you absolutely... swooon.

Songs that made this rotation of the flu's list are care of the movies Leap Year and The Wedding Date.

1. Never Forget You - The Noisettes. - The 50's mood of this one kept me jamming, so well, I almost forgot I've been stuck in bed for like a week. Kudo's goes to this little number. (:

2. Home - Michael BublĂ© - ahhh, Does BublĂ© ever need an explanation for making one swoon? It's like his middle name. And I'm sure his little babe on the way will be no different, in the swooning department. 

3. Only Love Can Break Your Heart - Gwyneth Herbert - If it weren't for all the heart breaking, this song really would take the sweetest-melody-cake. 


4. Dream a Little Dream of Me - The Mamas and The Papas - Romantic. Swanky. Flawless. 

Hope You a Swoon-Worthy Thursday!


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  2. I abhor the flu! I got it for the first time this past Christmas break, and it takes forever to get over. I hope you get past it soon though!

  3. Love "Home" by Michael Buble.

  4. Michael Buble gets me every time!

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  5. Ahh hope you feel better soon! I loooove that Michael Buble song! So soothing!