the art of being dooped.

Doop D-oooh-p (verb) - the act of ditching someone you had plans with. Usually, with a lame excuse, if one is given at all. Also see: dooped (adjective), ditch (verb), to stand up (verb), to leave hanging (verb), mean people (noun)

The only mustache a girl can really count on.

This weekend I had the pleasure of being dooped not once, not twice, but three times by some of the wonderful men I know as friends. I'm feeling pretty talented, at the moment.
The first time was a pre-planned date to get late night waffles at the waffle house, in which I was shamelessly stood up. No call. No text. Just silence, with the exception of my grumbling and very lonely tummy, thanks to BestGuyFriendEver. Thank you, mister.

Doopage numbers two and three went hand-in-hand, and thanks to FriendBoyFromJob1 and FriendBoyFromJob2, resulted in forgoing an evening out for dinner and root beer at a local Irish pub, and instead: a marathon of the Princess Diaries with m&m's. Aka: patheticness.

The moral of this story girls: Do not make plans with or put faith into boys. Because boy brains do not work as well as girl brains. And they will inevitably let you down.

*Disclaimer: After having a little while to take deep breaths and reflect on my grumpiness, I would like to take the opportunity to apologize for the bitterness and state: some boys brains do work. I just seem to hang out with, attract, associate with the ones who don't. What's a girl gotta do to get a real date, around here??
Happy Tuesday!


  1. nope, your first statement stands in my books..boy brains suck!

  2. Oh, girl. I understand. But at least you had the Princess Diaries and m&ms! It'd have been worse if you just had the weather channel and plain wavy lays, no?

    Also. I eat at our waffle house all the time. The waitresses know to set down a pot of coffee by now. I love that you love it too. (:

  3. Girl. Boys are just not wired for this ish. They make plans. They make secondary plans. They make tertiary plans. They forget about all plans to play video games.

    I feel you.

    (Some boys are actually good at keeping plans. Some. It's rare.)

  4. Ugh that sucks! Hate boys sometimes. haha Sorry that happened to you all in one weekend! Boo.

  5. oh my gosh!! You are so dang cute! Im now following and cannot wait to read more!



  6. Lol you are hilarious! Don't ya hate it when plans fall through? Woof! Hope this weekend treats you better! xo

  7. Hi darling,

    love this post! It's hilarious and yet I totally agree. Love your writing!! BTW, how do I get your button to post on my blog? Can u email me the htmL??! :-)

    XO Jenna