shades of red.

The entire day, today, was spent lounging on the couch in leggings, watching reruns of reality TV shows, and making the perfect snowy day dinner of chili and tortillas with my mama. It. Was. Absolutely wonderful. And it definitely doesn't make me want to head back to school on Monday (don't make me do it!).

I also decided, in the midst of all of the strenuous activity laziness of the day, to test out some of the lipstick shades I picked up, earlier this week. Finding the perfect shade has been a bit of a struggle, lately. But I'm so dying to rock the red (it is on my bucket list, after all) that I couldn't give up without a fight. 

I decided to compromise  On my way to finding the prefect red, I also picked up shades with pink and purple tones that I wanted to try out. Being so fair skinned, I was really careful: even though the stores I picked up the lipsticks from (Rite aid and Wal Mart) have make up return policies, I didn't want to grab something scary bold and freak myself out (too much).

So.. the colors I decided to try out were:

1. Revlon Creme #668 - Primrose 
2. Revlon Pearl #485 - Raspberry Freeze
3. Revlon Matte #006 - Really Red

When I tested each color, I used Revlon lip liner in Nude. The first shade, "Primrose" (Everdeen! .... please - tell me I'm not alone, here....) combined with the pencil, was more of a deep color, than I was expecting when I tried it. But I think I may have found a keeper.

The second shade, "Raspberry Freeze", was more of a plum color, and definitely a more bold look. Probably not something I could get away with wearing to work without looking like BAM! I'm dressing up.

And while I finally found a red that doesn't scream Vampire ("Really Red"), after wiping my lips off countless times, and all of the lip liner shading, and blotting, and puckering... I finally settled on some Maybelline baby lips: soft, light, and pretty much clear (kind of like my skin tone...).

(Pardon the pixels! Pictures courtesy of the Iphone.)

What about you?
Have you found THE SHADE yet?
What are your favorites?


  1. Primrose (Everdeen) is your color lady. Looks SUPER good!
    Reds still scare the daylights outta me but you sure are making me want to try.
    Right now I'm hooked on Burt's Bees tinted balm in "Red Dahlia" for my baby-like red fix. ;)

  2. I love bright lips! My current favourites are the Kate Moss lipsticks, and I swear by 01 and 06. I am always looking to try new formulas/shades though, I can't help it. Primrose is gorgeous on you, and I think it should be a regular occurence :)

  3. LOVE. Congrats on rocking each lipstick. You are gorgeous!

  4. I love a red lip! Beautiful.

    I try to convince EVERYONE that they can wear red.

    Rock it.