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It's officially been three weeks, and so far, I am still resolution free! Does that mean that I'm successfully completing my resolution? Or does it mean that I am succeeding at procrastinating?
Either way... I feel successful. (:

And I'm not the only one: Some of this month's sponsors are starting their New Year off right, too. 
Check out these lovely ladies' resolution progress:


Imperfectly Perfect Grace is the place where Shannon shares her heart, thoughts and life's journey - and all that make it Imperfectly Perfect because of Grace. Her blog is a place to build community and connect with other women, as well as a loving place to share our highlights (and our failures) with one another; A place to be encouraged and know that you are not alone. 

This year, Shannon's new years resolution took a different form. Instead of making list upon list of how to improve in every area. she chose one word to focus on: INTENTION. She hopes that focusing herself on living out of this one word will carry over into all the key areas of her life. So far, she says, it has been awesome and she's feeling very strong in living this out!
Way to go, Shannon!

Visit Shannon:

Stephanie's blogs about the days in the life of a full time student, employee, model, fitness junkie, entrepreneur, sister, girlfriend and daughter. She shares the ups and downs of her everyday life. Her goal is to inspire or motivate people to want to be better. 

She has deemed 2013 the year of health and fitness!! She has already signed up for 10 races and obstacle courses. She is trying to push herself to stay in shape, to be healthier, and even more fit! 
Good luck Stephanie

Vist Stephanie:

Jordan's blog first started as a way for her to remember. She has always loved journalling and writing, and she wanted a place to document her daily life. It has since then become sort of a lifestyle blog. It's been her companion through the death of her mom, her first year of the 'real world' after finishing her Bachelors degree, and now her journey as a graduate student. She features things that inspire her, opinion pieces on Tuesdays, life advice from dear friends, yummy recipes (and she has just started 'eating clean'!), what she wears, and some of her process and work from school. 

Instead of choosing a New Year Resolution this year, Jordan chose a word: discover. She hopes to discover a stronger sense of self, how to make each day a little better, and to discover a new place to grow her faith. She hopes to continue to discover the joys of being single while strengthening her individuality. She hopes to discover a sense of faith in the face of her fears, and hopes to face some of those fears. This year, she hopes to discover new adventures. Visit her blog to read more!

Visit Jordan:

Kate is your typical 28 year old crafter, science geek, budget fashionista, and cute enthusiast who tries to fill the world with sunshine and kittens (one blog post at a time). She's also got a really awesome Etsy Shop!

With an overwhelming year ahead of her (as she attempts to plan her wedding, buy a house, and relocate to her hometown), she has resolved to simplify my life and focus on happiness! She says that it has been very successful so far; she has managed to drastically reduce her self induced stress levels and increase her kitten intake! Follow along with her adventures here!

Visit Kate:

Lauren at One Of Five

Lauren is the girl behind One of Five. "Oof" is a lifestyle blog where she shares her photos, daily inspirations and adventures as a college student in Virginia. She lives with the most wonderful roommate ever, and regularly misses her parents, four younger brothers and kitty at home. She is studying English at the University of Mary Washington, and has just recently fallen in love with writing it, reading it, and the language itself. She spends her free time with friends, behind a camera lens, and creating new ways to inspire her lovely readers, while aspiring for the future and still appreciating the present. 

Lauren's resolutions this year are: going with the flow, getting 'together', and lighting more candles.
Like many bloggers, Lauren is a planner. She makes lists on lists on lists. In an effort to downscale slightly, she is learning to go with the flow, this year: Loosen up, see where life takes her. And so far so good! She says that it has actually given her a chance to be a bit more creative and she loves it. She would like to figure out her life. And as for lighting more candles, well, Lauren believes that you just should. Catch up with Lauren here!

Visit Lauren: 

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How are you doing with your New Years Resolutions, so far?

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