little tidbits.

Sweater (Kohl's, $14), Jeggings (Kohl's, clearance), Shoes (vintage, from mama)

I can't believe that winter break is almost over. It's going to be harsh reality, getting back into the swing of semester-things, soon. But nothing can keep me from taking in the last of these lazy afternoons and freedom. What's been going through my mind this week:

1. i honestly don't know which would be colder, right now: standing outside in the snow-threatening weather, or sitting inside on the couch! everywhere i go is so cold! the only solution seems to be a giant cup of steaming coffee. which i plan on making. right. now.

2. graduation is officially only 124 days away! - but who's counting? ;)

3. i was looking for a black and white pattern scarf for this winter but when i stumbled on this sweater, i thought, "what could be better than a scarf with that pattern?" (the answer, of course, would be a whole sweater with that pattern!).

4. you know how boy-brains tend to malfunction? and how for a minute i took back the cold things that i said about their lack of thinking skills? well. scratch that. all of it. they proved today that they are still brainless. and probably always will be. forever. before you think i'm cruel and heartless, all of these repressed feelings stem from saying yes to date plans, only to be cancelled on three hours beforehand. i'm pretty sure i need to find more reliable boys.

5. this might have been the second time this week that i have donned red pants. addiction? over doing it? oh well. i'll mix it up, next week.

6. lipstick and i have this love-hate relationship going on right now. but i really want to make this work. so i''m not giving up without a fight!

7. my mama and i definitely teamed up and ordered an nfl team feild beanie for sunday's game (go ravens!). the only bummer? it won't be here until monday. (boo!)

8. i just did my very first fishtail braid today (a tad messy. but totally fish-tailed) and i'm pretty excited about it. (:

9. after dropping my phone for the 849576-th time today on my hard wood floors, i started to wonder: just how life-proof is a lifeproof case was after so much abuse? (they weren't lying when they said it could take a beating! it's a wonder my phones still in one piece!)

10. i will shamelessly admit that i am drooling over the bachelor this season. sign me up for a piece of that eye candy!

Happy Friday!


  1. You should keep up that fight with the lipstick. It's worth it in the end. (:

  2. LOVE your hair in these pics!
    I have been fighting with lipstick too...totally a love/hate thing.

  3. um that sweater looks totes comfy and cute! i am loving it.

    i am a new follower and i am so glad to be here! hello!