{little} tidbits and a Wednesday pep talk

1. I told my first graders that I was going to marry Tim Tebow, someday. They laughed at me. Right before crushing my dreams and informing me that it would never happen. When did kids get so smart? And cruel? ):

2. Today, I embraced my love for the taco hot dog. It's one part hot dog, one part spicy cheese, two parts taco-bell taco sauce and all parts delicious. Mmm.

3. I found the leggings of my dreams, today, online. Tell me I shouldn't buy them! (But I really think I should.)

4. Does anyone else notice how working out seems a lot more exciting before your tush hits the couch? .....and stays there for the rest of the evening?

5. When a good friend, with a great sense of humor, sends you a video of a pint-sized president, what do you do? You watch it! And when that pint-sized president offers you inspiring advice? You laugh, you cry, you laugh some more, you push replay, and then you post it on your blog.

Happy Happy Wednesday!
You were MADE to be AWESOME


  1. I have seen this video everywhere but I never watched it! I now finally watched it and I now know why it's everywhere haha!

    And those leggings look awesome!! I am now just realizing how amazing leggings are, and I've been wearing them so much!

    xo, gina

  2. Hate to be an enabler, but you should totally buy those leggins! They're only like $20. "that dude Journey" ahahah! This kid is so funny. Thanks for sharing.


  3. Thanks for your comment :) I like your blog as well, always nice to find new ones!
    This kid is genius. So funny! :) hope you have a great day!


  4. that tush hitting the couch thing happens to me all. the. time. it's most frustrating. haha and those kiddos are so mean! and get those leggings, they're only $20!!!

    xo marlen
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