and she wore red pants.

Sweater (Target, $12), Scarf (Wal*Mart, $5), White Tee (H&M, $6),
Red Pants (Kohl's, Free - gotta love that kohl's cash!), Bag (Jo Totes, $89),
Earrings (Lauren Conrad, Kohl's, $6)

It's been a busy weekend over here. Mostly full of late night closing shifts, failed attempts at playing matchmaker, lots of take out, and, as usual, things have been a little awkward (and awesome). 
- Attempting to play Cupid for a friend-boy at work, and trying to set him up with a mutual friend who unbeknownst to me just so happened to be the ex-girlfriend of our other mutual and very close friend-boy. Whoops. And the smooth award goes to me!! I'll make my acceptance speech later... 
- Those moments when customers mistake my shopping Dad and little sister for my shopping Dad and Mom. Um... Hello? She's fourteen. Definitely not my mother! Do I really look that little?
- The number of different shades of red lipstick I have tried on this week. Taylor Swift and I obviously do not share the same genes. Lucky girl.
- Putting items away on a bottom shelf and hearing the phrase, "Have a good day, Miss!". The awkward part is turning around to share those well wishes back, and noticing it was not my eyes the gentleman was looking at! Never again will I bend over towards the aisle, where customers walk....ever.

- Free red pants! Well, red pants in general, even; and the compliments you receive while wearing them. My personal favorite: "You look so festive, today!" Ahh. It's not everyday I'm told I look festive. ;) 
- Blonde coffee from Starbucks. 1. because it's coffee. 2. because it's delicious. and 3. because it's blonde.
- Being able to sleep in past nine am, three. days. in. a row. It's heaven! 
- Showers that give you pruny fingers. 
- When they finally spell your name right on the Starbucks cup (it's a pretty great feeling).
- This new curling iron, I ordered! And finding awesome new products to use with it. It's awesome and makes the cutest (unpredictable) ringlet curls! (Can't wait to show you!)

How has your week been?


  1. how are darling are you? :) i really want to try the blonde roast soon!

  2. Love the way you rock those pants! And that bag looks so cute & practical!

    I know what you mean about the lipstick--it's hard for me to put it off too. T Swift has so many talents haha :)

    Hope your Sunday has been awesome!

    xo, gina

  3. You're addicted to the red pants, huh? I was totally hooked as well. Now you need some burgandy (SP?) or teal ones. You'll wonder how you ever lived without them!

    1. teal pants sound amazing! but wherever would one find such cute pants??

  4. love those red pants! you're so cute girlie! :)


  5. excited to hear about this fancy new curling iron!
    and...thanks for following :)

  6. I love your cute red pants and your blog! I randomly found it and am happy I did! New follower :) come check mine out!


  7. Awkward moments like that are a part of my daily life as well. I've just learned to embrace the awkwardness that is my life. It's much better that way. Have a great week, girl! :)