for the holidays...

With the cookies, lights, and glitter of the holiday season all around us, I wanted to feature some of the lovely ladies who ad swapped with Designed to Love, this month as they share some of their favorite holiday traditions! Be sure to skip on over and pay them a visit! (:


Daliene (don't you just love her name??) blogs about life around the Alamo City, and the adventures she has in Texas.  She's a teacher by day, and a runner, baker, crafter, design lovin, wannabe thrifter the rest of the time. While she is not new to blogging (she started  her blog in 2004 when living in Costa Rica) Alamo Adventures is still a baby! Everybody loves babies right? The holiday tradition she enjoys most is making homemade, iced sugar cookies for Santa!

Jump on over, and say hi to Daliene:


Shannon is a follower of God, blogger, wife, and mother who loves all things beautiful. She documents her life and journeys, made perfect only by grace. Her favorite holiday tradition is getting together with her family on Christmas Eve, eating yummy appetizers and playing games! Then putting out the milk and cookies for Santa before heading off to bed!

Visit Shannon:


Stephanie McGrew at The Anecdote of My Life
This lovely lady blogs about her life as a model, tidbits to make you giggle, and tips about fitness and health. Her favorite holiday traditions is gathering all of her favorite girls to meet up someplace new and exciting for the New Years holiday! One year, they met up in Miami, Houston, and even Chicago. This year, she's excited to meet her girls in Austin, TX!  Because of jobs/school and hectic school schedules she and her friends make reasons to come together and see each other every year. And the New Years holiday is the perfect time! 
Pay Stephanie a visit:


What is your favorite holiday tradition?

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  1. I LOVE how you framed your photos as circles. So much awesome. PS! I nominated you for an award! http://www.lovelylifeofleah.com/2012/12/so-much-random-fun-liebster-award.html

    1. Aw, Thank you Leah! I'm so flattered.
      I loved your random facts - your boy is too cute!