miss mary mack + and a little black friday anticipation.

Sweater (Banana Republic, $12), Scarf (Wal Mart, $5),
Jeggings (Wal Mart, $1), Heels (Thrifted, $4), Belt (Kohl's, gift)

I feel like this fall has totally flown by. And with all of this crazy weather, lately, it's been really hard to savor the season. But all is good, because thanks to Sandy, our entire yard is blanketed with color, turkey day is coming close, and with it, comes one of my most favorite days of the year: black friday!!

My mama and I have an annual ritual of waking up super early and heading out the door with coffee in hand, ready to elbow whatever (and whoever) stands in our way of a bargain! JUST kidding. We're actually not part of that nutty clan of shoppers. We're more of the easy going type who go more for the hyped-up ambiance than for the bags and bags of goodies. Granted, I love shopping and I'm always thankful for sales! But much more than that, I love eating cream cheese bagels at two in the morning, watching the bus loads of people drive by, while we wait for JC Pennys to swing open up their doors, for the oceans of holiday shoppers to come in.

This year, I'm gearing up with coupons in hand for my top 5 must-shop places:

5. Victoria's Secret - where I'm hoping to score this snazzy make up kit and maybe some sweats for my sister
4. Kohl's - where I can always expect great things ;) and discounts like these
3. Nordstrom - to maybe pick up a pair of TOMS for my mama. (And speaking of TOMS, have you seen these babies? Um. I think I 'mustache' if they have my size!)
2. Old Navy - they always have awesome sales, so I'm excited to see what black friday will bring!
1. Starbucks - They have coffee. Need I say more?

What about you?
Do you join in on the excitement for the post-Turkey shop-a-thon? 
And if you do, where are you planning on shopping? 

Happy Weekend!!


  1. love the backwards sweater. :) Way cute. I am not a black friday shopper. :/ I like to stay home, in the warmth. And possibly partake in cyber monday.

  2. backward sweater awesomeness.
    and great black friday picks!

  3. you look darling! i adore your outfit and am loving your blog! thrilled to be your newest follower. hope you had a great time shopping today and found some great bargains! :)

    much love and many blessings.

  4. what a cute blog you have! found you from the weigands blog hop. love the outfit, new follower.

  5. OMG the buttons on the back of the sweater. Too cool!! New follower as well :) XOXO www.theweirhouse.com