lately. #instagoodness


1. I spend more time in the car, lately, than anywhere else on Earth. And truth be told, I actually am kind of liking it. Car time gives me chill out time. Gives me "I-don't-have-to-answer-the-phone" time. And gives me plenty of "take-pictures-at-red-lights" time. What could be cooler than that? Other than aviators, of course.

2. Lazy Sunday mornings. Coffee. And cinnamon apple bread. Love.

3. The road to nowhere. And the park. There's a park down there, too. 

4. Thursday night Taco Bell sessions with the girls. I'm telling you: this is what luxury looks like. 

5. Nordstrom now sells Hunter boots. Either that, or I'm just now finding this little corner of Heaven. Either way, I think my paychecks are in for trouble...

6. Ahh. Fall time. You make my heart swoon. 

7. Red.

8. Yes. That is a tray full of wonderful. Otherwise known as Apple Cider Donuts. And yes. They are delicious. 

9. Shadows. And dates that are actually fun. With my schedule, dates in general are pretty far and few in between, these days. 

Over here, we're spending our weekend planning and making preparation for Frakenstorm's impending doom arrival. I'm fully prepared to be trapped indoors this coming week: a prisoner at home, at the end of blocked off country roads, just like last time. Which, sadly, is something I'm sort of looking forward to. Being able to sleep in, read books, and eat junk food all week with a good excuse to skip school and work? I'll take it!! 

Have a great week!

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  1. Your instagram pics are awesome. I need to start following you. I am instagram obsessed. :)