expand your view with things that are new.

Sweater (Dad's Closet), Blouse (American Eagle, $25),
Jeans (Thrifted, from Delia's, $5), Boots (Hunter, Gift),
Scarf (Wal*Mart, $5)

The best outfits don't come from that new snazzy store in the mall, or from last weekend's latest haul escapade. They come from Dad's closet, on rainy fall mornings, when early classes are delayed, and the only thing you want to wear is the blankets on your bed. When warm apple cider in a mason jar is the next best thing to Heaven, and rain-booted-puddle-jumping is in the very near future: That's when you sneak into Dad's room, before he's awake, and rummage through his sweaters until you find the perfect one to snuggle in, warm and cozy, all day.

Have a great week!


  1. My brother wears a bunch of my dad's stuff from the 80s. :) I must admit, I have a few of his high school sports championship tees that I mix in every once in a while.

  2. you are adorable. I love this whole combo. I am thinking I need to start sneaking in my husband's closet soon.

  3. I'm in love with your red Wellingtons you always look so adorable when you wear them.