on my wishlist.

1. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6.

I have a serious case of overstuffed-clothes-drawers. So, I mean it when I say that I really should be the last one going shopping, any time soon. But let me just say, if I were to go shopping, I'd have a majorly-cozy mini to-get-list going on right about now. 

On my wishlist are sweaters, perfect for chilly nights by bonfires, boots that are great for jumping in leaves piled high, and scarfs - to keep the chilly wind from biting.

And, just a note, can you get over how cute that hen sweater is?! I have a confession: the only reason that sweater is not hanging up in my closet right this minute is because on my last trip to J Crew, my mama (aka BFF and most trusted shopping supporter) told me that if I made the purchase, she would consider sending me to therapy for shop-a-holics. So, if you buy it, let me know so that I may live my sweater lust through you. Ok? Ok. 

The only thing that I might be able to justify "investing" in this season is another pair of Wellies. I'm loving these Hunter's - the color would match everything!

What about you?
What's on your fall wishlist?

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  1. I am loving those rain boots! Combine them with number 3 and 2. Cute!