happy happy day!

Over the past fourteen years you have made me a lot of things: a big sister, a cotton-headed-ninny-muggins, and an (ONION) graham cracker laugh-o-holic. But more than that, you make me proud (: I'm proud that I get to call you my little sister: In all of your fearless, awesome, and goofy ways. I've watched you grow up from the little girl who plays with worms, to the beautiful young lady (who.. also, still plays with worms. Hm..) I love you. And I love our giggling fits. And our notes during church. And our code words for very important things (like royal chicken).
I hope your birthday is fabulous
Here's to many more beats being broken down at the dinner table! Ba. Ba-Ba!
Stay Beautiful.
Harry Potter's Future Wife

Sister Love (;

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