awesome & awkward.

Jean Jacket (Thrifted, $5), Lace Tank (Gap Kids, $6), Skirt (Kohl's, $4)
Belt (Kohl's, 2/$22), Necklace (Tiffany's, Gift)

-My latest addiction to Instagram, and the ratio of uploaded coffee pictures to pictures of, well, anything else. I think I might have a problem.
-Faithfully using G-maps to go confidently in the direction of my dreams class, only to learn that Google in fact doesn't know everything. Like, for example, that the road would be closed, and I would have to drive in circles only to ultimately end up parking over a block away in some deserted little parking lot that no one had even heard of. Thanks Google.. Way to have my back.
-The number of "Foot-in-Mouth" moments I've had this week. Someone, please remind me next time to, whatever I do, not say THAT. (Yes.. anything but THAT!) 
-Being asked by my mentor teacher to yell for students across the room to come to the door when their parents came to pick them up. First of all, there's almost 100 kids in the room. Second of all, I can't pronounce any of their names. Oh, and the best part? I have no voice. So.. I guess the awkwardness in all of this is the strange sound I managed to choke out and the fearful looks I got, afterwards. After my teacher realized that my "teacher voice" wasn't coming naturally, I was promptly fired. Fired from my volunteering. How does that even happen!
-I've had my new car for about a year. And I still haven't washed it. (But on the plus side, she still looks (sort of) shiny thanks to my spot in the garage that I robbed from my dad)
-Being the oldest person shopping in Baby Gap/Gap Kids...for themselves. Oh well.

-The deals I got while shopping at Gap Kids this weekend. 4 Shirts for under 25 bucks? Okay! (Oh, Labor Day.. How I love you!)
-The number of times I've been early to class this week. It's not only awesome... It's down right amazing!! I don't think I've ever been this prompt so many times in a row since...ever. Don't worry, class: It won't last. I promise. So enjoy it now!
-Having an entire weekend off. Ah, the happiness in my heart!
-Having off for Labor Day! (This girl hasn't had a holiday off in over a year. Can you say EXCITED!)
-Turning a maxi skirt into a mini skirt with a little help from a belt.
-Caramel Vanilla Macchiato. Seriously: Mmm.
-My new internship placement. As nervous as I was, and as busy I will be, I'm really starting to like love it.
-Shopping for school supplies. Is there anything more relaxing?? ;)

How is your week?


  1. What a cute outfit!


  2. You are adorable!! I love this outfit! and love that you shop at Gap for kids! and yeah for great deal!