a sunday drive.

Last week was long. After 5 days full of late nights and early mornings, all I wanted to do was take a break from it all. But when the weekend came, I didn't feel like I was much closer to my day off, or my long lost sanity. Instead, I found myself pulling double shifts at work, missing meals in the rush between my two jobs, and wondering when it would all settle down again.

I feel like the last few months have all been a blur. I've been hustling from one activity to the next, trying my best to do it all and do it well. And while I reassured myself with trailed off statements like, "It will all be better when...", I was starting to forget what sleep really felt like, and why I was missing it to begin with. 

On my way home from my midnight-shift, early Sunday morning, I couldn't help but stop my car. The night before, I had forgotten my wallet, misplaced my sweater a half dozen times, and survived on caffeine and caffeine alone. But after all of the busyness, and all of the hectic rushing, there it was: the moment that I had been searching for...peace. It was only a glimpse, that lasted for as long as I could stop my car. But as I stared through my windows with tired eyes into the thick fog of the morning, I felt it. 

I know that this year is only beginning, and it's going to become even crazier than it is now. I will be overwhelmed and strained and pushed. But I know that, through it all, I'm not alone. I know there is a purpose to the stress I'm feeling now, and that it won't last forever. If nothing else, weeks like last week make me appreciate moments like these even more. 

Have I not commanded you? Be strong and courageous. Do not be afraid; do not be discouraged, for the LORD your God will be with you wherever you.
-Joshua 1:9


  1. What an inspirational post! I often find that life gets overwhelmingly busy and I need to remind myself to take some time out to put things back in perspective.

  2. very beautiful. :) I was feeling that way too and am just now sitting down after what felt like the longest day ever, ready for bed, only to get up in a few hours to catch a plane. haha! But, I'm newly graduated and headed for a trip and a new life. :) So all of that hard work is so worth it in the end.

  3. Thanks for this post, there are times that I felt discouraged over what's happening in my life and I want to give up, I just kept reminding myself that HE is always there to help me.

    I'm your new follower at GFC, have a nice day!