What you've missed.. #instagoodness


I have admittedly been a bit MIA lately, working my two part-time gigs as much as I can before the start of fall time classes, and of course attempting to soak up every last bit of summer sun, and capturing it all with that fancy iphone camera (Which, speaking of, I did not realize just how technologically impaired I was until my latest i-purchase. Hoo-hah! Do I need to work on that auto correct business!).

So, without further adieu, the last bit of summer courtesy of Instagram!

one. summer sun and impromptu drives.
two. Starbucks love.
three&four. the best Saturday night date in a very long time. gotta love those chubby baby toes! muah!
five. tea & scones, like the Jane Austen wanna-be I am.
six. classic photo bomb.
seven&eight. ahh, beach fries and umbrella shade. 

How are you spending the last of your summer?