on storms and being powerless

On Friday night, after work, we went to bed listening to the downpour of rain, the crash of thunder, and the brightest lightening filled sky. So, it wasn’t a surprise when we woke up on Saturday morning to a powerless house the temperature of an oven (I think I am officially addicted to air conditioning, guys. I would not make it a day on a deserted island. Not one day!). Until venturing out into town, we didn’t think that the storm had been that serious. While our yard looked virtually unaffected by the crazy weather, the road into town looked like a scene from Jurassic Park, or some crazy Amazon movie. It was bad: trees everywhere, half lane roads, and every power line on the ground…and I mean every. single. one. 

As horrible as the scenes were, I felt a wave of relief: Usually when we close at work, my manager keeps our team for an extra thirty to forty minutes to touch base with everyone and have a team meeting. The night of the storm, we didn't know how bad it was about to rain and the tornado threats, but my manger decided to let us leave early. It was out of character for him, but I wasn't about to complain about leaving for a home a little early! Looking at the tangles of trees and branches the next day, I felt so lucky. Had we stayed that night for an evening meeting, we would have been driving through what created that destruction! Everything happens for a reason.

It's been two weeks since the storm, and while we finally got back our lights and our air conditioning, we’re still surviving in a basically Amish existence, without our TV service or internet connection. I know I sound whiny, but I really don’t know how some people do it. I mean, it’s been two weeks and I have missed my daily blog reads, and day time television - not to mention I am totally behind on the Bachelorette!! (Nobody tell me what happens!)

And to add to the misery, I am sitting here writing this post from the parking lot of the library, attempting to mooch off of their free Wi-Fi, as it (wait for it) POURS outside, yet again. Ugh! 

Somebody come and kidnap me to some place warm and electronically connected! Please!!

(Semi) Happy Monday!


  1. Wow, I'm sorry you had to go 2 weeks! I went a week and I could barley take it. Luckily I had friends with power. At 100 degrees it was too much! And I love your new blog, btw!


  2. OH laws. terrible.

    Thank goodness you're cool again. I mean I'm sure you were always cool, just AC style.

  3. Wow! That uprooted tree is crazy, it's scary the things nature can do.