if you really knew me...

I've been seeing this post bouncing around some of my favorite blogs, as of late, and after reading Shell Bell's list, I had enough of being on the outside! So here it goes...

If you really knew me...

+ You would know that I procrastinate on everything. From 15 page research papers, to cleaning my room. If it can be done tomorrow, that's when I'll do it.

+ You'd know that I can't park to save my life. If you're strolling through the parking lot, and you see a little silver car straddling the lines of the parking space, that's me. I can't help it: perpendicular parking is not my forte. At all. In fact, I'd even say I'm better at parallel parking than regular parking. It's that sad.

+ You would know that I have to sleep under a mountain of blankets, no matter what season it is, and I always have one foot sticking out of the covers. Always.

+ You'd know that I am always six minutes late to everywhere.

+ You would know that my brain is in a constant state of shopping and bargain hunting. I'm always clipping coupons, comparing prices, and signing up for more discount cards. It's like a spot, really. And that little tally at the bottom of the receipt that sums up your total savings: that's my trophy.

+ Given the choice between coffee or air, I'd probably choose coffee. Whether it be Starbucks, Dunkin, or from my Keurig machine at home, I'll drink it with love and be happy.

+ You'd know that my weakness is school supplies. It's true. Every time I drive by a Staples, or walk through the office supply section, I can feel my will power to resist spending money slowly draining.They're my kryptonite!

+ You would know that my first and most passionate love will always be the Chipotle Chicken Burrito Bowl. With mild and medium salsa. Mmmm. (Iloveyou!)

+ You would know that the Jane Austen Book Club is my all-time favorite movie. It makes me feel like there are more indecisive-Jane-Austen-lovers like me, out there, and gives me hope that somewhere out there, there are real-life men like Grigg. And maybe someday, if I am lucky, I will find him.

+ You would know that I would rather stay awake for three days, than to have to get up early for one.

+ You would know that my feet are always cold, but that I avoid wearing socks at all times. I'd much rather find a nice person to sit on my feet. That's much nicer.

What would I know about you?


  1. LOVE LOVE LOVE this post girl!
    i def may have to do one of these as well!


  2. haha...the last one made me laugh. It is so much easier to find someone to sit on your feet...right?

  3. OK, I can't park to save my life either. Terrible. And I love the Jane Austen Book Club movie! Fabulous! Remember when the guy is driving the girl to the library dinner in his donut-grease run car and they are going so slow and she's like, "What are you!? Mark Twain??" Hilarious. Love it.

  4. haha i'm with you on the blankets! i love the cosiness of lots of layers!

    wish the UK had chipotle, it's so hard to find good mexican food around here...

    katie x

  5. I'm super addicted to school supplies too. Unfortunately, I'm no longer in school, and I have no reason to go shopping for anything anymore :(

    cute blog!

  6. I'm with you on the school supplies. My sisters want to go thrifting, and if I come, there has to be a office supply store next door.

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