wonderful weekend.

I've been a little M.I.A this week, but I promise I've had a pretty good excuse. You see, you might remember me telling you how much we love birthdays here in the Leigh household. Our philosophy is that birthdays are just too awesome to restrict to a single day. So, we do our best to stretch them out for an entire weekend.
This year, though, I was on the schedule to work most of my "birthday weekend", so we had to improvise a little, and stretch it out sporadically throughout the week.
Early in the week, my family surprised me with a fabulous breakfast buffet (complete with fruit, donuts, toast, danishes, bagels, sausage, and all the bacon you can eat. That's right. Bacon. Mmm!). I think it's impossible not to have a stellar day when you wake up to the smell of bacon. But hey... that's just me.
Anyways, the festivities just got better from there. From the twenty one floating Tiffany-&-Company-blue balloons with embarrassing  heartwarming pictures tied to their ribbons, to lucky shopping trips with my mama, it was a pretty fabulous week.
We drove up to our favorite restaurant past-time (the Macaroni Grill) and were (eerily) surprised when we were the only customers dining in that afternoon (you can blame it on good luck or an early dinner schedule...but either way, we were pretty excited).
And the night of my birthday, we celebrated with a little cake, ice cream, and - yes - mustaches. But I mean really: Who can resist a sophisticated fingerstache?? That's what I thought.

Hope you had a happy weekend!!

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