what summer is for.

Plaid (Little Boys' Section of Kohl's, $6), White Tee (Victoria's Secret, Clearance), 
Shorts (Kohl's, $3), Boots (Hunter, Gift)

Summer is for bonfires, s'mores, bug spray and swimming. It's for camping, and water parks and reading in hammocks. And for counting stars and catching lightening bugs and crazy tan lines. And rain boots. 

Summer is not for staying inside, being sick, or sleeping all weekend. And, unfortunately, my body hasn't gotten that memo. Because that is exactly how I have been spending this last week: curled up in blankets, with glands the size of golf balls.

I went to the doctor's, a few days ago, with high hopes of getting a diagnosis and a prescription, but I was not so lucky. In fact, my doctor, who wasn't even my doctor at all (she was a substitute), did about a million tests that turned out negative. So, for a few days, I cluelessly layed on the couch complaining about my golf balls, eating ice cream, and sleeping. a lot. So, when the phone rang yesterday, I was pretty excited. I mean, yes, it was the doctor calling to say that, as it turns out, I have strep throat....and that's less than exciting. But, it also meant that it wasn't mono! And I could get medicine, to make my super swollen alien self back to normal, sooner! Let me just say: looking on the bright side!!

But it does still stink that while everyone else is posting sunny beach pictures on their facebooks and lounging by the poolside, I'm inside sleeping. And drinking liquids. And then sleeping some more.

But I get ice cream. And that's something to smile about! ;)


  1. Aw...feel better! You look super cute, so that's all that really matters, right?


  2. Your outfit is super adorable. I am so jealous of your ability to fit into clothes from the little boy's section. I could if my biceos weren't so big from being in a wheelchair for 9 months. Grr. And at least you get an excuse to relax and eat ice cream. It could be worse. Feel better :)

    1. *biceps

      I know it's obvious that's what I wrote but I have OCD so I have to correct myself.

  3. WOW Alynne you look tasty, I like your Outfit, you look adorable wearing your Wellingtons they are such a sexy colour.