right now...

Right now, I'm laying in bed, thinking about how tired I will be in the morning, since I'm not sleeping tonight.
I'm thinking about the bubble of emotions I felt last night, and how I bounced from hurt to angry to sorry to angry again.

Right now, the backs of my legs are yelling at me for my lack of sunscreen, yesterday.
And my arms are jealous they didn't get any color, in the sun.

Right now, my phone is sitting quietly at the edge of my bed, where it's been all night.
It isn't ringing or buzzing or beeping. It's quiet. And so am I.

Right now, I wish I had a big plate of hash-browns or chocolate chip pancakes in my hands. I wish I knew how to cook... so maybe, just maybe, I could make my own breakfast foods at two in the morning, instead of just wishing I had them.

Right now, I should be doing my online survey for that job I'm trying to get.
But, my brain is mush. And it's trying to find some sheep to count, to fall asleep.

Right now, I have my Tim Tebow tee shirt on, and my heated blanket is turned up to its highest setting... because even though it's 90 degrees outside, the air conditioning is on inside, and it's making me chilly. But, let me tell you....the blanket...it's pretty heavenly.

Happy Monday!


  1. I absolutely adore your blog design! So cute! & this is a great idea for a post!

  2. I love your header! Gorgeous. And I love chocolate chip pancakes...:)

  3. mmmm electric blankets. hope you enjoyed the rest of your monday!

  4. Don't we just mornings when lack sleep? And we absolutely love it when are going on a vacation? Haha!

    Thanks for having the time to visit my blog :) I followed yours, great blog!