my heart is happy.

Sweater (Kohl's, $6), Tee (Target, $8), Maxi Skirt (Kohl's, $4)

Whether you blame it on the sunshine or the season, this week has been absolutely fabulous. In addition to the fact that it's Wednesday (and that means that we're halfa' week closer to the weekend!), the things that are topping my list of awesome's this week are: 

1. Waking up to a surprise birthday breakfast, this weekend. (Planned and executed by my wonderful mama. Hugs!)
2. Sleeping in past nine eleven, this morning.
3. Wonderful (and not to mention delicious) sushi dates with a very handsome man.
4. Finding the PERFECT sailor font. 
5. Having a day off tomorrow (even if it does involve sitting through a 4 hour writing class....) 
6. Amazing fruit dip that my mama 'whipped' up.  Mm, mm mm!
7. Being nominated for the Sunshine Award, by the lovely Laura. (Psst. Check out that girl's b.e.a.utiful pictures! Has she got talent, or what?)
8. The perfect playlist (including this song) played on repeat 
9. Shoe shopping!
10. Sipping iced coffee, at midnight. 

It's the little things that are making me smile, this week. 
What about you? What's making your heart happy, today?


  1. Haha! Thanks for your sweet comments! :) This outfit is so cute!!! that skirt looks super comfy!


  2. Awww beautiful post! I'm so glad you're having a great week, and I love this maxi!


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  4. I'm hooked after only one post! Love your Blog. The colors, the design, the inspiration - all perfect! I think we have a lot in common, from what I read so far, and even think we may share a Birthday?
    Glad I found your Blog and happy to follow!
    Rachel Emmilee at www.rachelemmilee.blogspot.com

  5. Shoe shopping always make me smile.